Matthew Home
Head of Categories for Estates and Infrastructure
Extn: 43648 Email:

Patrick O’Neill
Category Manager for Estates Capital Procurement
Extn: 42924 Email:

Karen Manyika
Category Manager for Estates Maintenance and Facilities Management
Extn: 45956 Email:

Pauline Harrison
Head of Categories for Scientific Supplies and Professional Services
Extn: 48541 Email:

Paul Markham
Category Manager for Professional Services, Office Equipment and Travel
Extn: 58807 Email:

Susanna Ting
Category Manager for Scientific and Special Projects
Extn: 45389 Email:

Karen Stanwell
Category Manager for ICT 
Extn: 42890 Email:

Michelle Duckett  
Category Manager ICT & General
Extn: 47004 Email:

Jacob Ellison
ICT and Systems Assistant
Extn:46899 Email:

Nicola Handley
Category Manager for Sub EU Construction
Extn: 51109 Email:

Mark Hedge
Category Officer for the E-Marketplace
Extn: 47920 Email:

Geoff Williams
Procurement Data and Systems Administrator
Extn: 45947 Email:

Teisha Ravenscroft
Interim PA to Assistant Director of Finance (Procurement) and Head of Internal Audit/Category Administrator
Extn: 45948 Email:

Jane Colbourne Procurement Manager for Hospitality and Accommodation Services & Sustainable Procurement Champion
Extn: 45957 Email:

Peter Nobbs College Procurement Manager for Medical and Dental Sciences
Extn: 44524 Email:

Brian Civil Supply Manager for the Estates Office
Extn: 45848 Email:

You can contact all members of the Procurement Division by email We are located in Rooms LG2A; LG8 and LG9 on the Lower Ground floor of Aston Webb B Block.


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