eMarketplace Help

Lynne Kesterton 
Tel: 0121 414 6424 
Email: l.m.kesterton@bham.ac.uk


Dianne Maher 
Tel: 0121 415 8260
Email: d.maher@bham.ac.uk 


Alena Nicklin
Tel: 0121 415 8574
Email: a.nicklin@bham.ac.uk

Jo Smith
Tel: 0121 414 8316 
Email: j.smith.1@bham.ac.uk


Online help:

For online help, guidance notes or training videos for eMarketplace, visit the dedicated Marketplace Requisitioning training section.

For help with ordering, receipting or invoicing in Proactis, there are Finance Systems Tutorials training videos available.

For help and advice on eMarketplace suppliers, online catalogues or eProcurement issues please contact:

Mark Hedge
Tel: 0121 414 7920

For help and advice on any other Procurement matters please contact a Procurement Adviser.