Sustainability Impact Analysis

A sustainability impact analysis is a way of starting to explore sustainability issues and ethical practices as part of procurement process.

If it is completed at the start of the procurement process it will help integrate sustainability into the specification, invitation to tender and then be picked up as part of contract management.

The Sustainability Impact analysis details the goods or services being provided as part of the procurement exercise. It identifies the impacts, both positive and negative in terms of environmental, social and economic factors. It also identifies the opportunities within the procurement process to address the issues raised. This may be in the form of including relevant information within the specification and award criteria, including key elements as part of contract management or a Service Level Agreement and inclusion of contract specific terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of this simple approach?

  • It supports you to identify the environmental, social and economic impacts and opportunities associated with a particular purchase
  • If carried out at the start of the procurement process it will inform the product or service specification
  • If carried out mid-contract it will inform contract management discussions on sustainability
  • It will provide you with the confidence and evidence that you have systematically considered the sustainability issues of any given product or service within the procurement process

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