As of Monday 13th August, orders for Office Depot raised through the eMarketplace will be invoiced electronically.

This means that you should no longer receive paper copies of invoices for these orders.  Initial matching  of invoice against order will be made through Science Warehouse. Any invoices that match orders or part-orders exactly will be passed for payment as a 112 document. Any price or VAT mismatches  will be reviewed by the Finance Office Payments Section and if the invoice is correct it  will be passed.  You will ONLY receive a paper invoice if Payments Section reject the mismatches on the electronic invoice. Office depot will then raise a paper replacement. If you did not place the order through the e-marketplace you will also receive a paper invoice.  Paper invoices must be registered in the usual way as 111 invoices.

You will not have access to view the 112 documents unless you view the submitted purchase order and then select view related invoice.  Please note that these invoices will not carry a department identifier e.g. LES.

You must still fully receipt the goods in the usual way in Proactis.  Any un-receipted items will hold the payment process up and result in you receiving troubleshooting messages in your tasks tray – the invoice will not be paid until these messages are reviewed.   Normally we will pass the invoices into Proactis 5 days after they are created so that you have time to complete receipting based on the delivery note and avoid unnecessary delivery troubleshoots.  However on day 1, tomorrow Tuesday 14 August, we will be importing the invoices created by Office Depot today 13 August so that we can prove the system. You will therefore see a number of troubleshoots. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Credit notes continue on paper as normal.