ESIF/ERDF projects

There are different set of regulations that need to be adhered to when you are considering a procurement of Works or purchases of Equipment of Goods (Products) or Services under ERDF/ESIF.

The essence of ERDF/ESIF regulations is to ensure that transparency and fair competition is in place to all potential suppliers, not just in UK, but to suppliers in member states (EU countries).  Threshold limits are set, dependant on the value of the purchase, and must be advertised and competitively tendered. 

See below the table as a quick guide – please note the value given is excluding VAT:

ESIF*   UoB**  
£0 - £2,499 Direct award Up to £500 Estimated Price
    £501 to £5,000 Written Quotation
£2,500 - £24,999 3 written quotes or prices sought from relevant suppliers £5,001 - £25,000 3 Competitive Quotes
£25,000 – Relevant Public Contracts Regulations threshold Formal tender process in line with the Interpretative Communication and the relevant guidance £25,001 - £181,302 (for Goods and Services) 

Must seek advice from Procurement.

Tender and contract to be carried out by Procurement Category Manager


Above £181,302 (for Goods and Services)

£4,551,413 (for Works)

Must seek advice from Procurement.

Competitive Tender under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to be carried out by Procurement Category Manager

*National ESIF Procurement Requirements ESIF-GN-1-001 version 5. Date published 20 February 2017
**University of Birmingham Revised May 2018

If you are contemplating a purchase under ERDF/ESIF grant (whether of Works (Estates) or Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services) for value over £25,000 then please contact the Procurement Office for advice before proceeding further. 


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