Single Source Approval - Between £10,000 and £25,000 (exc. VAT)

  • Request for Single Source Agreement - Between £10,000 and £25,000.
    For any purchase orders over the value of £10,000 (exc. VAT) a Single Source Agreement is required, unless there is already a contract in place. PLEASE NOTE: SSA approval by Procurement only constitutes the authorisation to proceed with the named supplier. This is NOT budgetary authorisation as this is the responsibility of your College/Service Finance Team.
  • Important Information:
    When submitting any quotations, please ensure there are AT LEAST 10 "working days" from the date of the quotation (also taking any university closed days into consideration) to allow an Express Contract to be placed. If you have sourced three competitive quotes from separate suppliers, you do not need to complete this form - simply submit your requisition, and attach your quotes to it.
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  • IT Software - If your request is for IT Software - regardless of value, must be accompanied by a quotation and a contract agreement
  • Addition of Supplier to Core Systems
    Before submitting this request, in order to minimise any delays, please ensure that the supplier you are requesting to use is active within Core Systems.
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