Birmingham Research Park

The University of Birmingham joined forces with Birmingham City Council to establish its own Research Park in 1986. 

Directly adjacent to the University campus and the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham Research Park offers purpose built accommodation to companies and projects seeking to work with the University in research, development and training.  

The aim of the Park is to encourage the formation and growth of technology or knowledge-based companies. Past and present tenant activities have built upon the University's reputation in biotechnology, computer systems, language research, medical diagnostics and scientific instruments. Healthcare developments, in particular, have been prominent. Many of these companies have been founded by academic staff of the University to exploit new technology arising from their research. Others have external origins but are developing their own working relationships with University departments.

A wide range of support is available for Research Park companies, on-site. The Research Park management helps tenant companies to liaise with The University of Birmingham and to access sources of technical assistance and  financial and professional advice. Birmingham Research Park is a member of the United Kingdom Science Park Association and is recognised as having the facilities and experience to assist companies in the incubation process. 

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