Enterprise Acceleration

The Enterprise Acceleration Team

The team encourages and accelerates enterprise activities at the University of Birmingham. In particular, we support, advise and work with:

  • Academics who wish to consider commercialisation of their research;
  • Entrepreneurs and academic teams developing new research inspired companies; and
  • Young high-tech companies looking to grow their business.

We encourage the transfer of ideas and expertise to business through enterprise training and networking events. We validate, develop, and grow commercial ventures, through a mixture of hands-on support, access to a wide network of service providers, investors and entrepreneurs, and funding through early stage support grants. We direct the commercial development of potential new ventures for the University, and manage the relationship with the University’s portfolio of spinout companies. The team also works with University of Birmingham Enterprise Ltd (the University’s technology transfer company) who are responsible for consultancy, IP management, and licensing.

For more information see our dedicated website: www.bizzinn.org

Medici Enterprise Training Programme

The programme (aimed at research staff and academics) offers a valuable insight into business and intellectual property, helping you to turn your research idea into a commercial venture. Delivered by a mix of academics and commercial practitioners the programme also provides excellent internal and external networking opportunities.

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 Spinouts & Commercial Intelligence

We carry out market intelligence research on behalf of academics and University of Birmingham Enterprise Ltd to advise on the likely commercial appetite for new innovations, and to inform commercial development strategies.           

We also direct the commercial development of potential new ventures for the University, and manages the relationship between the University and its portfolio of spinout companies.           

We support, advise and work with:           

  1. Academics who are considering the feasibility of, and potential strategies for commercialization for, their research outputs; and             
  2. Teams engaged in the development of potential University spinout companies; and             
  3. Our existing spinout companies through access to information and resources.             

Support is also provided from time to time to the University’s central reporting and strategic planning functions to help understand the external climate and aid decision making and impact assessments.

Protection of Intellectual Property (University of Birmingham Enterprise Ltd)

Please see Spinout Company Development for for further information and the Spinout Manual.

Training & Events

For details of our latest events, please see:


If you are responsible for increasing the awareness of impact, commercial development of research and other knowledge transfer opportunities in your area then we can help. 

We offer advice and provide extra resources to organise training events. For more information email c.mansell@bham.ac.uk or call extension 44905.

Enterprising Birmingham Fund 

The Enterprising Birmingham Fund – driving the delivery of economic impact at the University of Birmingham

The Enterprising Birmingham fund (EBF) was set up 2 years ago and provides an important source of funding for commercialisation projects that, it is hoped, will deliver significant economic impact. The fund has been designed to bridge the gap between translational / follow on type funding and investment and funds a broad range of activities to demonstrate the commercial viability of an idea. These activities might include developing a prototype, carrying out market analysis, bringing external expertise into the project, writing a business plan etc.

In July 2013, a report on the first year of the fund was presented to UEB who approved continued funding, based on the outputs delivered in the first year.

Since the inception of the fund, 13 projects have been approved and almost £300k has been allocated. The funding has also been used to ‘lever in’ over £150k additional funding into these projects.

The projects cover a wide range of excellent ideas, three projects have involved investment into a University spin out company – the other projects are outlined below.

The application process is supported by the Enterprise Acceleration Team (based in Research and Innovation Services), UoB Enterprise Ltd and the College Research Support Offices and applications can be submitted at any time.

For further information contact Catherine Mansell; Commercial Skills Development, RIS please email c.mansell@bham.ac.uk

Funding Calls & Reminders - a Word document containing information of all commericalisation funds available.

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