Strategic Research Projects & Partnerships

The team supports academic staff to develop large, complex, interdisciplinary, high-value or high-risk proposals that may require approval by University Executive Board (UEB). These include applications to European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and the Regional Growth Fund.

On behalf of the senior management team we work to strengthen strategic partnerships with funders and businesses. This includes the provision of support to academic staff, enabling them to collaborate with business through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Innovate UK funding.

The team also provides oversight of centrally-managed calls, calls with limited submissions per institution, and internally distributed block grants from funders.


What we do

  • Develop: Help with developing ideas for large, complex projects
  • Navigate: Negotiate the UEB sign-off process for large, complex projects
  • Build: Hands-on support to academics to apply for specialist funding such as ESIF, RGF and Innovate UK
  • Deliver: Support for the delivery of KTP projects and major programmes such as the Science City Research Alliance
  • Engage: Maintain excellent working relationships with key funders and regional partners
  • Oversee: Oversee the selection of institutional applications for limited submission calls
  • Manage: Manage the distribution of strategic block grants from key funders
  • Facilitate: Facilitation of interdisciplinary workshops and sandpits
  • Negotiate: Agree priorities, inputs and benefits with project partners (or similar)


Benefits of working with us

  • Experienced: Our team has worked on over £200m worth of bids over 20 years of collective experience. Therefore, we have an in-depth understanding of what specialist funders are looking for. We can help you craft your bid to meet both the funder’s requirements and your research goals
  • Independent: Working across all 5 colleges we can provide independent facilitation to interdisciplinary groups to overcome the barriers to effective interdisciplinary research
  • We will work in partnership with you to manage the bid development process for large, complex proposals, supporting you to craft the best proposal possible
  • Networked: Our team know the right people for you to speak to, no matter whether you are seeking support that is discipline-specific or interdisciplinary or whether you wish to work with business or the public or third sectors
  • Professional: We provide a professional service, tailored to the needs of our academic colleagues and manage key processes on behalf of the institution


Who we are and individual roles

Steve Taylor

Ext: 48247


Team Lead, Research & Innovation Services


Paul Edwards

Ext: 43695


Strategic Project Development & Regional Funding (ESIF, RGF)


Kate Jermey

Ext: 45070


Funding with Business (KTP, Innovate UK)


Luke Jones

Ext: 45888


Strategic Project Support


Anthony Khan

Ext: 47093


Strategic Project Development & Managed Calls


Rooqia Malik

Ext: 43893

Project and Budget Management