Single payment

International Bank Transfer and Online Banking

The University of Birmingham Dubai Bank Transfer Platform powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions. This service is available to all students and allows you to make payment in your local currency from your home bank account without the worry about exchange rates or bank charges.

Simply enter the AED value of your fees and you will be provided with a quote in your local currency. If you choose to proceed with the payment, complete the simple form to complete your quote. You will have complete visibility of the amount you will pay with certainty that the full amount will reach the University of Birmingham Dubai.

Benefits of Western Union:

  • No instalment charges
  • Favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • Reduced bank fees because the transfer is initialled locally
  • Full payment amount received by University of Birmingham Dubai
  • Track the status of your payment
  • Real time payment options available including AliPay and UnionPay!/

Direct Bank Transfer

You can pay your fees from your bank, directly into the University's bank account by electronic transfer - details can be found here.