Distance Learning LLM, MPA, MBA & MSc

Payment for these courses is payable in instalments on a modular basis. Instalment payments are due in full for each module to which you are registered seven days before the first day of that module.

You will be notified of the value of your instalment and the module start date each time you are registered for a module. Your instalments are calculated as the total tuition fee for your programme as quoted on your offer letter and subject to annual increases divided equally between the number of modules you are required to complete.

Payments can be made using card or PayPal 


If you fail to make payment for a module seven days before it begins, you may be de-registered from that module, lose access to the relevant content in Canvas, and will need to re-register at another entry point.

Sponsorship for Distance Learning MPA, MBA & MSc

If your tuition fee is due to be paid by a sponsor, please provide the details and reference of the person or organisation that we should invoice on the form available and email it to studentfees@bham.ac.uk. For the purposes of tuition fee funding, a sponsor is defined as a person or organisation that has agreed to fund some or your entire tuition fee. It does not include parents/relatives, friends or bank loans. Once we have received details of your sponsor, an invoice will be issued. Your sponsor can choose to receive either one invoice for your full programme tuition fee or annual invoices for the modules you are expected to complete within each academic session. You are personally responsible for payment of your tuition fee until we have received full payment of your account.




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