Financial Sponsorship

If an organisation is paying some or all of your tuition or accommodation fees you are required to provide the details of the organisation. You are not required to provide these details where:

  • Your course is being paid for by a family member or friend
  • You are paying for your course with a bank loan
  • You are a full time undergraduate / PGCE student who receives tuition fee support via Student Finance England (or other relevant Student Loan Company agency), Career Development Loan or Federal  Loan.


Once the details of your sponsor have been received Student Fee will issue an invoice for payment.

Please note that if we fail to receive payment from your financial sponsor you will be liable for payment of the tuition fees.


Financial Sponsorship for Tuition Fees

Please ensure that you have submitted the details of your sponsor during the registration process.


Financial Sponsorship for Accommodation Fees

Please forward the following details to

  1. Your full name and student ID number
  2. Sponsor Name, address , email contact  and telephone number
  3. Supporting sponsorship documents or Purchase Order Number


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