Step 1: Completing your details

N.B All the examples below are illustrated using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

To begin, you need to start completing the form by adding your relevant details in the first section (marked with a blue number 1. below) All the fields with a red star are mandatory, and must be completed in order to progress your payment.

In the first section you must add your full student details, and your ID number. This number can be found on your registration form or card and for the majority of students takes the format of 6 or 8 digits - e.g. 123456.

This is then followed by your course details e.g. Yr 2 BSc Biological Sciences



You must then indicate the type and the amount of payment you wish to make (marked with a blue number 2. in the example above). You can currently pay Accommodation Fees, Tuition Fees. You may select to pay more than one fee at a time




After completing the details in a similar fashion to the example above, you must then select the proceed button.

If your student ID number is incorrect, an error message similar to the one below will be displayed. You must go back and amend your student number details in order to continue with your transaction, by clicking your browsers "back" button.






Step 2: Checking your details

Step 3: Confirmation