Step 2: Checking your details

Checking your details and adding your payment amount

First you can now review your submitted transaction details. If this total is incorrect simply select "back" on your browser tool bar and resubmit your correct details.

Payment Details Submission

You will now be asked to input your name, address and credit card details:

(* indicates a mandatory field) You are now in a secure environment, so you can be confident any details you give us are safe.


  1. Debit total. This is the amount you will be charged for your fees. If this amount is incorrect, simply select the "back" button on your browser and amend the payment amount.
  2. Credit card details. * Please fill out the details exactly as they appear on your card. If the number is incorrect or the card has expired on submission you will receive an error message, asking you to re-enter valid details.
  3. We can accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro cards and PayPal.  Card payments will be processed in Pounds Sterling.
  4. Your Billing Details. Please complete your billing details, making sure to amend the country if you are paying fees from overseas.
  5. Proceed or cancel. You may now choose to either "Proceed with Transaction" and your card will be debited the amount indicated, or choose "Cancel Transaction", and your card will not be charged.




















Step 3: Confirmation