Expense/account code set-up

University account codes consist of 3 elements:  

Element 1 - Analysis Code - 5 Numeric Characters
Element 2 - Location Code - 4 Alpha Characters 
Element 3 - Project Code - Variable length Alphanumeric ( 9-Research, 7-Non Research) 

Each Budget Centre’s transactions are recorded by using a unique combination of location and project codes. To identify the type of income or expenditure within each Budget Centre an analysis code is used. Thus every transaction must have a analysis code, a Budget Centre location code and project code .


Element 1/ Analysis code list should be used  as follows:-

Pdf general . This is the revised element 1 list for use by all budget centres. This list is in alphabetical order.

Pdf has. This is the list for all HAS users and incorporates some supplementary codes in addition to the general codes above.

Pdf finance. This is for use by Finance Staff only and includes staff codes as well as central accounting codes

Pdf mapping. If a user does not know which code to use, this file maps the old codes to the new codes. It is in numerical order.

Please contact your Budget Centre Accountant if you have any queries regarding account codes.

For a live version of the data please visit https://boxi.bham.ac.uk and search for a report called CODELIST in the Training and Help folder. 

You will need to be registered with BOXI in order to view the report.  You can request this by visiting the IT Service desk at https://universityofbirmingham.service-now.com/.  

Budget Centre Accountants will undertake the set-up of new project account codes after validating the requirement.