Financial Systems

The Financial Systems Team (FOSST) administers the following systems:

 System What it does Who uses it Training Provision
 Proactis  Purchase - to - Pay (P2P) System   All University staff involved in the raising of orders and processing of invoices  Contact Jo Smith 48316 or Dianne Maher 58260 
 Coda Financials   General Ledger  Certain Budget Centres  log a call with I.T. Service desk
 TokOpen (Finance Office only)  Electronic Document storage System  Finance Office  No specific training given, there is a pdf document explaining how to search the system Using-Tokopen-to-view-paper-invoices
 Vision Time (Finance Office only  Electronic recording of working hours  Finance Office  log a call with I.T. Service desk
Planon  Asset Register  All University staff  involved in recording and maintaining Assets  

Dianne Maher  5826

Dedicated user support can be found by logging a call on the  I.T.Servicedesk or contacting Lynne Kesterton on 46424; Alena Nicklin on 58574; Dianne Maher on 58260 or Jo Smith on 48316