NB. Access to the Data-Form within Transparency Review is only available to staff who have been selected to complete the returns.

You should have been informed if you are included within the collection for the relevant period


To enter your Time Allocation Schedule data:

1. Select the Data Form option either from the Home Page or via the link on the left-hand site.

2. Logging In

 Enter your University Username (eg smithjs) and University Password in the relevant boxes and press Login.

You will be redirected to the Data-Form web-site ( if you receive a warning that you are being redirected to an encrypted site over an unencrypted connection select continue)


3. Entering Data

Enter the percentages of your time against the relevant categories for the period just completed.

Use whole numbers only. You may omit zeros.

Percentages in a given column must add up to 100. This will be the case even where you don't have a Full-Time-Equivalent post. It is a % of your total time worked.

For the purposes of the Transparency Review, you are allocated to a specific College & School. If you work for more than one, please enter your Colleges and Schools as combined.

To move from one field to another, use the tab key or the mouse.

You can reset the data as originally displayed by clicking the Reset button.

If you are unsure what has been recorded after doing erroneous edits, refresh the form with current data from the database by clicking the Refresh button.

Please enter comments in the Comments box if you wish (optional). However do not rely on Comments for assistance with website problems (see Problems below).


4. Submitting Data

Once all data has been enter Click the Submit button (at the bottom of the Data Entry page) to send your data.

If there are errors on the form, red messages will appear near the top of the updated page. if this is the case no data changes will have been sent.

If no errors are reported the data has been successfully saved.

You can amend your data later by editing values and clicking Submit again. However, the data will be frozen about six weeks after the end of the relevant period.


5. Logging Out

Click the Logout link (at the top or bottom of the Data Entry page) and it is advised to close all browser pages to prevent unauthorized access by anyone else who might use your PC.

Note that the system will "time out" after 10 minutes. If you have not pressed "Submit" your data will not be saved.



  • Clicking on the activity name will show details about that activity.
  • If you forget to click Submit when doing data entry, your data will not be recorded. Be aware of this if you click on links for further information during your data entry session.
  • Ensure you click Submit within 60 minutes, even if you have not finished - otherwise you will lose your data. Simply login again and complete your entry.



For problems about using the web in general or your username and password, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk.

For problems that are specific to the Transparency Review process or the Transparency Review web pages, please contact the Transparency Review Help Desk (





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