Quick Reference (Activities)

quick reference

Teaching (T)

Giving lectures, seminars and tutorials. Preparing materials, supervising projects, workshops and lab work. Fieldwork and organising and visiting placements. Assessment, marking and examining incl. external examining.

Undergraduate Taught Programmes (Including Foundation Degrees)

Postgraduate Taught Programmes

Other Teaching

Research (R)

Research is to include research and experimental development.

Also the training and supervision of all postgraduate. research students regardless of their year of study and source of funding.

Research in TRAC has an external sponsor or is expected to lead to some research output or involves the training and supervision of postgraduate research students


Research Councils

UK-Based Charities

UK Government

UK Industry, Commerce and Public Corporations

European Union (The Commission and European Social Fund)

Other Overseas Bodies (Not covered by Other Heading)

Other Sponsors

Institution/Own Funded Research
Research where there is no external sponsorship, whether identified as a project or not, including speculative work to investigate potential ideas/projects.

Training and Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students

Including training in research methodology, review of drafts and preparation of thesis, and external examining.

Other Activities (O)

Other activities include direct work (i.e. work which has an identifiable income stream) which is neither T nor R in academic depts/schools.


Consultancy and Other Services

Consultancy work contracted to the institution, other services rendered incl. testing and non-R clinical trials and non-T commercial activities.

Clinical Services

Services provided to the NHS under 'knock-for-knock' arrangements by departments of clinical medicine and dentistry

Support (S)

Support activities are those which are undertaken in support of Teaching, Research and Other activities.


Support for T

e.g. timetabling, admissions work and exam boards

Support for R

e.g. drafting research project proposals, refereeing papers

Support for O

e.g. drafting project proposals, negotiating terms with sponsors.

Management and Administration

e.g. membership of department/institutional committees; managerial and staff management duties, quality assurance and the provision of management information.

Professional Development and Scholarship

The maintenance and advancement of personal knowledge and skills (e.g. reading literature, attending conferences, maintaining/acquiring professional skills).

Contribution to Sector/Economy as a Whole

(Unpaid) committees and secondments to RAE panels.


Professional Services