What you need to do

Staff costs are the most significant cost for institutions, and the heart of our implementation of the Transparency Review will be a process to ensure a representative allocation of staff time and resources between the main activities of teaching, research, other activities, and support activities.

Every requested academic should complete three time allocation schedules (covering the Autumn Term & Xmas Break, Spring Term & Easter Break and Summer Term and Break.) for each year.

This should not be an onerous requirement and the University has a web-based method of collecting the information to make the process easy with a paper-based option as an alternative .

Not all academics are required to complete this exercise. For example academic staff whose salary is wholly funded by external research grants or contracts are excluded as the costs of these staff members are attributed to research directly and therefore a time allocation is not required.

 An email will be sent out, prior to the start of each period, to inform staff that they have been included in the collection and also shortly before the collection is made at the end of each period. However If you are in doubt as to whether you are included please email the Helpdesk address given below. A reply will be sent to indicate whether or not you are included.
The guidelines for completing the time allocation schedule are as follows:

1. Look at the Detailed and Quick Reference Definitions of Activities. It is important to follow these closely.

2. Select "Data Form" and log in with your University Username & Password.

 3. Use your own judgement and the definitions given to allocate your time (100%) between the listed headings. As we are collecting percentages, the entries should total 100%. Please click on "Submit" every 20 minutes, even if you have not finished. For security reasons the system will time out after this period, and you could lose your data.

The data for each of the three periods should be completed as soon as is convenient after the end of that period with a cut-off date of approximately six weeks after the end of the period.

For more details on submitting data, follow the help link.

If you require a paper based version of the return please download from this link

Paper Form

The Transparency Review Helpdesk (transparency@bham.ac.uk)  is available if you have questions or would like to clarify anything.


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