Scholarships and Stipends

All changes for scholarships need to be received and input to the team 2 weeks before the scholarship is due to be paid.

cut off and pay dates
 MonthFinal date for receiving 
Scholarship changes
Date Scholarship 
will be paid
December Friday 4th  Friday 18th 
January Friday 15th Friday 29th
February Friday 12th Friday 26th
March Friday 12th Friday 26th
April Friday 16th Friday 30th
May Friday 14th Friday 28th
June Friday 11th Friday 25th
July Friday 16th Friday 30th
August Friday 13th Friday 27th
September Friday 10th Friday 24th
October Friday 15th Friday 29th
November Friday 12th Friday 26th
December Friday 3rd Friday 17th

Should students or staff have any queries in relation to any payments please contact



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