Expenses faqs

My expense claim is still waiting to be authorised

Your manager will have 7 calendar days to approve or reject the expenses notification. After day 3 and day 5 reminders will be issued. After 7 days this notification will be automatically escalated to the manager higher up the chain for another 7 days approval. After 14 days the claim will be automatically rejected. The claimant can find the claim on the Expenses page and re-submit for approval; nothing from the claim will be lost, all receipts will still be attached to the claim.

When will my expenses be reimbursed

Expenses are processed through accounts payable weekly, but only once they have been authorised.  They are paid into your nominated bank account by BACS.

Please be aware that foreign currency claims cannot be processed into Sterling bank accounts.

What can I claim for?

  • Business entertainment
  • Eye tests
  • Gifts to employees
  • Gifts to third parties
  • Mileage UK
  • Professional Subscriptions
  • Relocations Expenses
  • Staff Meetings
  • Staff Social Functions
  • Travel UK
  • Travel Overseas

What Can not be claimed through expenses

  • Equipment e.g. laptops – Purchase Requisition by requesting New Hardware on IT Service Desk to receive a quote
  • Currency orders – Purchase Requisition: Foreign Currency
  • Travel – try and book flights, hotels etc. via Key Travel
  • Anything else that isn’t covered by the policy.

Why was my expense claim rejected?

Your claim may be rejected if you fail to attach corresponding receipts or if you break any of the University's expense policies.


What qualifies as one "session" for a Visiting Lecturer

A session is one teaching session.

The engagement is for more than three sessions can I still claim on a form?

No. If the engagement is more than three sessions then the lecturer will need to contact the Worklink team at worklink@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Which External Examiners can be paid via a non-staff expense form?

All external examiners providing the engagement is no more than three teaching sessions.


If you still have a query about your expense claim forms please email expenses@contacts.bham.ac.uk 

If you have a questions about being paid by the casual work route https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/campus-services/worklink/faqs-students-casuals.aspx


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