Travel Insurance

If you are planning a business trip abroad or a business flight within the UK, either alone or as part of a group it is essential that you make preparations well in advance of the trip ensuring that any risks to both staff and students are properly identified and controlled. 

Consider visiting the Foreign Office Website and/or the Global Security Centre Website for more information on the country you are planning to visit. Particularly if you are concerned about any geopolitical and/or general effects arising from terrorism. 

Please view the Travel and Working Abroad document which was prepared by the Health and Safety Unit, in conjunction with the Insurance Office. 

There is a series of online forms which must be completed before the trip commences for the insurance cover to be available. 


There is a Travel Cover Summary provided by the policy, which can be downloaded here. This should be taken by each traveller on the trip abroad and contains important information of who to contact in a medical emergency and the policy certificate reference number.

Policy Certificate Reference No. UMAL/034/09

tel.++ 44(0)20 7902 7405 
fax.++ 44(0)20 7928 4748

Global Security Centre 
tel.++ 44(0)20 7939 8658 
fax.++ 44(0)20 7920 2234 

Travel Cover Legal Expenses are included within the main cover but provided by First Assist Insurance Services Ltd. The Key Facts about the policy can be downloaded here. If there is a need to use the policy please contact Gill Kelsall on 0121 414 6111 or email to lodge a claim. Where a travel claim needs to be made a list of the forms can be seen below, just click on the appropriate link. Complete the form and send into the Insurance Officer in the Finance Office. 

Medical Expenses

Cancellation or Curtailment

Delayed/Missed Departure


Personal Effect and Money

PA Travel Form 

Any other Insurance Questions contact Gill Kelsall or visit the Insurance website

University of Birmingham 
B15 2TT 
United Kingdom 

When Things Go Wrong (word doc)

Visit the University's Brussels Office

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