Dragons and drums as Wokfresh fires up for business

University Centre’s newest food outlet opened with a roar on November 13th.

Wokfresh has brought the flavours of East Asia to the University of Birmingham campus, with an enticing menu and a sharp clean look. To mark the grand opening, Staff House Plaza thrilled to the sight of a Chinese dragon battling its keeper, eating cabbage from a tree, and seizing a traditional red envelope filled with money.












The dragon was accompanied by the vibrant carnival sound of samba band Someone at the Door, led by the university’s own Rory Shannon. This community band has been playing together for 20 years, and now boasts a membership aged 7 to 70. Based in Bromsgrove, they play to audiences all over the country, and are a regular fixture at Birmingham Pride. The Chinese dragon performer Boon Yeng is himself a former band member.

With the band drumming up plenty of interest, the delighted crowd soon lined up for a taste of Wokfresh’s hotly-anticipated menu: breakfast congee, noodle and rice dishes, soups, bento boxes, dim sum, sushi, side dishes and cold drinks. With a variety of comforting and spicy options on offer and a great central location, this food bar has been an instant hit with students and staff alike.


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