Service standards

Our Service Standards outline our committment to you, as well as what you can expect from us...

Daily clean

Once daily, Monday to Friday during Term time unless advised by room user or building manager in advance, in the following areas:

  • Entrances or foyers
  • Teaching spaces (including laboratories, lexture theatres, computer clusters, and meeting rooms)
  • Washrooms
  • Corridors and public staircases
  • Cafés and eateries in shared spaces


Removal of waste, household and recyclable throughout the building from shared points

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, buffing of entrance/foyer

Vacuuming of teaching spaces including laboratories, lecture theatres, computer clusters and meeting rooms

Table tops wiped in teaching spaces, removal of graffiti or chewing gum

Washrooms cleaned and restocked of consumables

Door handles

All corridors and public staircases swept, mopped or vacuumed and banister rail wiped

Cafés and eateries in shared spaces - floor vacuumed or swept and mopped and staff washroom/changing facilities cleaned

Not included

Removal of large amounts of waste i.e. from office clear out

Small personal office bins

Repeat cleaning due to work being completed on the building or weather conditions

We do not clear white boards unless requested to

Weekly clean


Offices and photo copy rooms  vacuumed

Office desks dusted if clear

Ledges  wiped including window sills if clear in teaching spaces and offices

Kitchen cupboard fronts cleaned

Kitchen surfaces and sinks cleaned if completely clear

Kitchen floor swept or vacuumed and mopped twice weekly

Removal of spot stains from carpets

Washroom tiles and partitions, including tops dusted wiped and wiping of bin

Glass panels where applicable study room doors banisters etc.

Café, eatery lower ledges

Not included

Light fittings

Cleaning of computers or telephones

Crockery, cutlery, fridges, microwaves or cookers, these can be arranged at an additional cost

Total clean of carpets, this can be arranged at an additional cost

Monthly clean


Skirtings dusted

High dusting

Dust removed from chair bases

Doors including paint work and kick plates

Not included

Moving of staffs personal items to access an area

Any location not accessible by comfortable reaching by operative or high dusting tool

Periodic cleans

Washroom floors scrubbed off

Any build up on washroom tiles removed

Communal areas carpets cleaned or floors scrubbed

Upholstery cleaning

Teaching spaces carpet cleaned or floor scrubber/buffered