Inviting an outside speaker onto University premises

Inviting an Outside Speaker onto University Premises


The organisers of the numerous clubs and societies in the Guild of Students, Saint Francis Hall and elsewhere throughout the University should be aware that there is a set procedure to be followed when an outside speaker is being invited to speak at the University either as an individual, or as a representative of an organisation.

There is a simple form (Meetings on University Premises Request Form) to complete, available from the Director of Hospitality and Accommodation, which will help you frame your request clearly and which helps the University to ensure that your speaker will speak safely, freely and within the law.


Allow sufficient time to make your request

In most circumstances you will need to have the form counter-signed by a senior university officer and you need to allow time for this. The form must be received at the Hospitality and Accommodation Office from the person who counter-signs it at least 2 weeks before the event. (You therefore need to supply it to them at least a week before that).

If the guidance notes indicate that you should deliver the form direct to the Director of Hospitality and Accommodation without a counter-signatory, this also needs to be at least 3 weeks before the event.

Either way, you need to obtain the form early, and remember that 3 weeks is the deadline. It allows time for any checks or any enquiries which may be necessary, to be made, together with any special arrangements.

Marquee(s) / Tents on University Premises

In order to protect and maintain the University grounds at the current high standards, when marquees or tented structure are required on campus, please complete a request form and return to the Conference Manager in Hospitality and Accommodation Services. Any enquiries can be directed to the University of Birmingham | Conferences and events team on 0121 415 8400