HAS social media directory

All of the social media activity within HAS. 

If you start a new social media account, please let Laura Sewell in the HAS marketing team know, and your details can be added to this list.


  Facebook Twitter
Bramall Music Building Bramall @BramallMusic
Living Living @livingatbham
Sport Sport @ubsport
Sport - Munrow Sports Centre Munrow @UBSportMSC
Sport - Premier Squash League   @UBSportPSL
Sport - National Badminton League   @UBSportNBL
Sport - High performance   @UBSPerformance
Sport - Scholarships   @UBSscholarships
Food and Drink at UoB Go Food at UoB @UOBFoodandDrink
Greg Greg @UoBGreg
Transport   @UoB_Transport
UoB Cafes and Bars   @GoThinkFoodUoB
UoB Retail   @Unibham
Winterbourne Winterbourne @winterbournehg
Worklink Worklink @UoBWorklink
Security   @UoBSecurity
Duck and Scholar at the Vale Duck and Scholar @DuckandScholar
Bratby bar Bratby Bar @bratbybarUOB
Learning and Development   @UoB_HAS_LandD
University events   @UoBEvents
 The Green Community  Green Community  @uobgreencom