Award Categories

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Please pick the most appropriate category for your nomination and remember that one well written nomination is better than several which contain little or no information.


Delivering an excellent experience for our customers is at the heart of HAS, which is why it is so important to recognise those colleagues who consistently strive to deliver exceptional customer service. Individuals nominated for this award will be friendly, knowledgeable, professional and able to demonstrate commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. They may have exceeded a customer’s expectations in a particular situation, or may offer consistently high standards of service on a day to day basis, but this excellent behaviour will be second nature to this person.

Extract from a 2015 nomination: ‘X is a great member of the team who delivers an outstanding standard of customer service.  He/she consistently makes every effort to deliver a personal level of hospitality, always remembering preferences and interests.  He/she creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.’


This award is for teams of any size whose combined skills and attitude have made an outstanding contribution to positive change or a new initiative; or a team who has overcome adversity or risen to a challenge. The team will be able to demonstrate that their efforts and hard work have resulted in remarkable improvement; or growth of the service, product or experience that they provide.

Extract from a 2015 nomination:  ‘These two teams worked tirelessly in the summer months to prepare for the new student arrivals in September whilst managing projects and summer lets along with the day job!  The teams were committed to ensuring that the work would be completed on time and that there would be a calm and friendly reception for the new student arrivals to welcome them.  The teams succeeded in their aims which resulted in lots of positive feedback from students and parents who were very happy with the service.  The team demonstrated real team spirit which was an inspiration to all.’


This is the opportunity to recognise and reward a dedicated individual or team from within the University staff community but outside of HAS, ie another University department, who has provided exceptional support to enable us to deliver HAS objectives and improve our customer experience.

Extract from a 2015 nomination: ‘We have launched a new project and this would not have been possible without the support of this individual who was always supportive of our ideas no matter how big!  He/she offered valuable advice and guidance to help us complete this work.  I feel that they don’t get thanked enough for what they do so I would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation.’


This award will recognise an individual who regularly inspires others with their positive and enthusiastic attitude and energy in the work place by going above and beyond for their team and colleagues. The nominations for this award will be a dedicated person, committed to supporting their colleagues, who makes a difference to the working day and recognised as an invaluable member of the HAS team.

Extract from a 2105 nomination: ‘He/she has always been someone who stands out from the crowd as being exceptional in his/her job and will give 150% to the role he/she is in.  I am impressed with the knowledge and skill level and the fact that nothing is too much trouble.  Going the extra mile is clearly with his/her personality and he/she want to succeed and improve everything she can influence.  He/she is definitely someone who you want on your team!

UNSUNG HERO (individual)

This award recognises an individual whose daily contribution through what they do makes HAS a better place to work. It’s your chance to celebrate the hard work and dedication of a HAS staff member, who beavers away quietly in the corner. You may want to highlight in your nomination all the wonderful work that a colleague, or someone you know who works in HAS, does every single day that others may not be aware of but whose contribution helps us to be even better.

Extract from a 2016 nomination: ‘He/she is a person with an unbelievable character. X, I feel, has one of the hardest jobs in HS! He/she has a workload unlike anybody I work with. He/she uses a system which takes years to master as it is massively complicated. He/she struggles to take holiday as he/she is the only person to do her job and their workload is doubled for when he/she gets back. X does this always with a smile on his/her face and always cracking a joke. Nothing is never too much trouble and is always willing to do more. He/she is an absolute super star and a credit to HAS!’  


This award recognises a positive role model and an exemplary leader. The may be your supervisor, team leader or manager at any level who has a leadership responsibility. This inspirational person will motivate, inspire and empower individual team members to achieve their individual and/or team goals and support all to fulfil their potential. By taking a pride in being the best they encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

Extract from a 2015 nomination: ‘X has worked nonstop on this project since joining the University.  He/she is passionate and extremely loyal.  He/she inspires the team and has consistently improved standards, which is reflected in the scores from a recent audit.  He/she is not only busy with their own work but is always helping colleagues within the department.  He/she is always going the extra mile in the work that he/she does.’

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE (team or individual)

This award is for a team or individual who has made a significant improvement or introduced change to their business area that has made a difference, whether this is to their department, service delivery or colleagues.

Extract from a 2015 nomination: ‘This team has identified a new source of income for the department.  They have thought about how they can provide this new service, how best to deliver it in order to add that personal touch and at the same time added a new revenue stream to the department.’

STUDENT EXPERIENCE (team or individual)

This award recognises an individual or team who is committed to, and has made an outstanding contribution to, the student experience. They place student satisfaction at the heart of everything they do, provide great support for colleagues, embrace new ideas and initiatives and consistently provide solutions to student concerns.

Extract from a 2105 nomination: ‘I am nominating this team for the Student Experience Award because they strive to provide an exceptional service by enhancing and improving the student experience.  The team has a combined commitment to provide an excellent service to students with an objective of being recognised by the students as a great addition to their overall student experience……..83% of students stated that this team enhanced their student experience whilst studying

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR (individual) NEW for 2017

This category is for supervisors, team leaders or line managers to acknowledge and recognise a colleague or apprentice who is new to the team and has already made a positive impact. This person may not necessarily be new to HAS, but new to the team they are now working with and they need to have been in this role for more than 6 months but less than 18 months. This is an opportunity to sing the praises of their new stars who are already demonstrating the Red Carpet behaviours and proving an excellent role model.