UniGreenScheme resale services

How to sell your surplus equipment and other items easily.

UniGreenScheme is the University of Birmingham's contracted asset resale service. UniGreenScheme can collect, store and sell your surplus university assets, and return a share of the profits from sales to your department or school.

After a successful one-year pilot in 2016 where over 1,000 university assets were sold, UniGreenScheme is now being rolled out across the university campus.

Click here to download the impact report showing UoB case studies from the year trial.

Click here to download the UniGreenScheme user guide.

  • "I think UniGreenScheme is a wonderful idea. In the past, we just did not have the possibility of resale available to us."- Donna Johnson, School of Electronic Engineering#
To use UniGreenScheme, all you need to do is contact info@unigreenscheme.co.ukor for more urgent collections call 01495 769324 / 07983 647609.