Award Categories

Please choose the most appropriate category for your nomination. Remember, one well-written nomination with plenty of supporting evidence is better than several which contain little or no information.

  • Customer excellence – individual or team
  • HAS supporter of the year – individual or team – external to HAS
  • Most inspirational leader – individual
  • Newcomer of the year – individual
  • Unsung hero – individual
  • Red Carpet star – all ‘star of the month’ winners will be judged by the Ambassadors
  • Outstanding achievement – individual or team
  • Excellent student service – team or individual
  • Continued excellence – individual
  • HAS Professional of the year – individual
  • Director’s Award – team

CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE – individual or team

This award recognises those colleagues or teams who consistently strive to deliver exceptional customer service. Individuals or teams nominated for this award will be knowledgeable, flexible, show attention to detail, use their own initiative, take ownership and demonstrate commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. Alternatively, they’ll offer consistently high standards of service on a day-to-day basis. They may have exceeded a customer’s expectations in a particular situation. This excellent behaviour will be second nature to this person or team.

HAS SUPPORTER OF THE YEAR – individual or team; external to HAS

This is the opportunity to recognise and reward a dedicated individual or team from within the university staff community but outside HAS, ie working in another university department. They will have provided exceptional support to enable us to deliver HAS objectives, and to improve our customer experience.


This person will be a positive role model and an exemplary leader. The award is open to anyone who has a leadership responsibility; they may be your supervisor, team leader or manager, at any level. This inspirational person will motivate, inspire and empower individual team members to achieve their individual and/or team goals, and support all to fulfil their potential. By taking a pride in being their best, they encourage others to follow in their footsteps.


This category helps supervisors, team leaders or line managers to acknowledge and recognise a colleague or apprentice who is new to the university, and has already made a positive impact. They need to have been in this role for more than 6 months, but less than 18 months. This is an opportunity to sing the praises of a new star who is already demonstrating the Red Carpet behaviours, and proving an excellent role model.

UNSUNG HERO – individual

Sometimes an individual’s contribution to HAS is invaluable, but goes unnoticed. This award changes that by recognising dedicated people, committed to supporting their colleagues, always working diligently behind the scenes. They will be proactive, have a can-do attitude, and make a difference to the working day.


All Stars of the Month from 2019 will be entered for this award, which will be judged by the Red Carpet Ambassadors. No nomination is required from you.


This team’s efforts and hard work will have resulted in remarkable improvement, or the growth of the service, product or experience they provide. They will demonstrate all the Red Carpet behaviours. This award might go to a mixture of teams of any size who work together permanently, or who collaborate from time to time, and whose combined skills and attitude have made an outstanding contribution to positive change or a new initiative. It might go to a team who has overcome adversity, offered solutions and risen to a challenge.


This award will recognise an individual who regularly goes that extra mile for their colleagues, or to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to positive change or a new initiative. Their efforts and hard work will have resulted in remarkable improvement, or growth of the service, product or experience they provide.

EXCELLENT STUDENT SERVICE – team or individual

This award recognises an individual or team who is committed, and has made an outstanding contribution to, the student experience. They place student satisfaction at the heart of everything they do, provide great support for colleagues, embrace new ideas and initiatives and consistently provide solutions to student concerns.


Celebrating an individual who has excelled in their role for over five years. This person executes business-as-usual activity to a high standard, and continually makes improvements to their work.


This individual embodies the values of HAS. The winner will be someone who, by excelling in their own role, helps HAS to excel and stands out as an example to others. Their approach will be characterised by consistently high standards, building strong relationships with others, and taking responsibility for their own development.


This team award will identified by the director. No nomination is required from you.