Nomination guidelines

How do I nominate someone for the OSCARS?

  • Decide which category is the best fit.
  • Find the online nomination form, or collect a paper form from a Red Carpet post box.
  • Write your nomination. Your supporting statement must be 50 – 200 words long, and you need to complete all sections of the form.
  • Submit your entry by midnight Monday 6th May 2019. Paper forms can be posted in any Red Carpet post box.

What makes a good nomination?

  • Give clear evidence. General statements like ‘they’re reliable and effective’ don’t tell the judges enough. Pick out real examples: the weekend they went above and beyond to manage a weather crisis; the new initiatives they introduced when they took ownership of a tough project; the time their can-do attitude to a problem really stood out in your memory.
  • Read the award criteria several times. Make sure your statement shows how your nominee fits the bill.
  • If it helps you to structure your thoughts, remind yourself of the Red Carpet behaviours. Think of examples which demonstrate your nominee living up to those.
  • Remember: OSCARS are for people, not roles. Show how your nominee is not only doing an important job, but also exceeding expectations, and making a positive impact on the business and on other people.
  • Be honest. All information you give must be accurate and true.
  • Keep your statement between 50 and 200 words. If it’s outside these, it won’t be considered.
  • Submit by the deadline! That means before midnight Monday 6th May 2019.

If you’d like help, advice, or to withdraw an entry, please see your Red Carpet Ambassador, or email Teresa Read.

Download the Red Carpet behaviours