The-Oscars-Web-Banner-950x350The nominations for the 2019 OSCARS are now OPEN.

The OSCARS exist to recognise and reward those teams and individuals who truly shine like stars.

Now’s your chance to get involved. This is your opportunity to recognise the people or teams who really made a difference over the past year.

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  • Most inspirational leader – individual
  • Newcomer of the year – individual
  • Unsung hero – individual
  • HAS Professional of the year – individual
  • Customer excellence – individual or team
  • Excellent student service – individual or team
  • Director’s Award – team
  • HAS supporter of the year – individual or team – external to HAS
  • Continued excellence – individual
  • Outstanding achievement – individual or team
  • Red Carpet star – all ‘star of the month’ winners will be judged by the Ambassadors


The 2019 Oscars charitable appeal is supporting vital research into fighting one of the most pressing problems facing modern medicine today - the growth of Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial resistance.

In 2017 it is estimated that infectious diseases were responsible for the deaths of 700,000 people - that's one person, each minute. Forecasted to be the cause of 10 million deaths a year in 2050 (more than road traffic accidents or cancer), the rapid growth of resistant super bugs prevalent in hospitals, antibiotic resistance is a problem that has cost the NHS over £100 trillion per year.

And yet behind each of these statistics is a person, their journey and the clinicians, family and friends that supported them through their treatment and the often debilitating follow on diseases prolonged by antibacterial resistance post-treatment.

Without innovation, we will fast reach a point where antibiotics no longer work, procedures such as Transplantation would be almost impossible and even basic medical practices will become untenable. This is a scenario described by the chair of the 2016 UK government-issued report Review on Antimicrobial Resistance as "the end of modern medicine".

Proceeds from this year's raffle will fund research, led by University Chemical Engineers working with a wide variety of clinical professionals, which draws inspiration from nature and seeks to apply innovative medical engineering techniques that harness the reactive antimicrobial properties observed in honey. Through the development of novel application methods the research seeks to reduce the dependency on traditional antibiotics, create a usable tool in triage situations and help prevent the further spread of antibiotic resistant diseases. Delivered together as Birmingham Health Partners, your support will help the University and its partner NHS hospitals create a seed fund to support developing researchers and, in time, launch the first trials of these new unique treatment techniques.

Raffle prizes and details on how to buy tickets will be available shortly.

About the OSCARS

Every year, the University of Birmingham’s Hospitality and Accommodation Services (HAS) recognises and rewards staff achievement and customer service at the annual OSCARS night.

The purpose of the OSCARS is to recognise the individual or collective efforts of staff who go the extra mile. They ensure customers’ needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded. These are the individuals or teams who help HAS live up to its vision of providing excellent services for our community.

More importantly, this is your chance to recognise and nominate staff and colleagues you feel have consistently done more than is expected to get the job done.

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