Results 2016

Here are the results of the amazing HAS OSCARS evening on Friday 22 July 2016.

An excellent time was had by all, as can be seen from the photos.

Quiz and answers (for the curious)

Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, £948.00 was raised for Radio Lollipop.


Director's Awards
Team of the Year: 'Chamberlain'

HAS Employee of the Year: Sally Badham


Business Excellence
Highly Commended: Costa Bramall Team
Winner: Gisbert Kapp Coffee Shop Team

Customer Excellence
Highly Commended: Lee Ruddin, Security
Winner: Jonathan Barton, UBSport


External Business Supporter
Highly Commended: Glen Bartholomew, Digital ID
Winner: Ian Hulse, Promart


Going the Extra Mile
Highly Commended: Fay Jenkinson, Vale Student Village
Winner: Wayne Hill, UBSport


HAS Supporter of the Year
Highly Commended: Grounds and Gardens Team
Winner: Guild Lettings Team


Most Inspirational Leader
Highly Commended: Mark Assinder, UBSport
Winner: Louise Sherratt, Catering Operations


Student Experience
Highly Commended: UBSport and Security Team
Winner: Worklink Team


Team Spirit
Highly Commended: Central Stores Team
Winner: Postal Services Team


Unsung Hero
Highly Commended: Lucy Woods, VenueBirmingham
Winner: Neil Cole, Security