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Here is the complete shortlist for the OSCARS 2018. You can read the strongest supporting statement chosen for each shortlisted nominee here, selected by the judging panel. The winners will be revealed at the OSCARS ceremony on Friday 13th July.

Continued Excellence

Jane Gabriel (Environmental Services)

It's difficult to know where to start with Jane. She is arguably one of the most professional employees at the University that one may encounter and radiates the values and behaviours of the Red Carpet. Her commitment to the University has been well beyond five years, in fact it exceeds 30. If there is any red carpet behaviour to single out when discussing Jane I expect that it would be Teamwork. She is extremely quick to praise others and offer her support where it might be needed. She constantly displays a high level of respect to all people that she converses with and is extremely trustworthy, allowing others to operate in true confidence with her. Building on Teamwork, Jane takes a consistent approach to all of her work, acts with complete integrity at all times and always acts and speaks in a positive manner. In the last year alone, I can easily count on my hands the times that Jane has supported me in situations of need, and I truly look forward to continuing to work with her on a daily basis.

Noreen Hynes (Sport and Fitness)

Noreen has been at UB Sport for the past 14 years, in this time Noreen has built a wealth of knowledge that she is always keen to share; empowering both her immediate team and other departments. Noreen has and continues to set the standard; ensuring customers receive a high level of service through ensuring must haves are done and wherever possible would like to haves are actioned! Noreen displays a positive can do attitude, always looking to improve the standard of what we do, highlighting issues that negatively impact on the customer or the efficiency of the department and actively offers solutions to how we can remedy the solution. Within the last 12 months Noreen’s workload has increased exponentially but her standards have never dropped, prioritising her processes to adapt to the volume of work to be processed while minimising any loss in standards. Noreen commands the respect of everyone she works with and is truly inspirational! 

Barbara Maurer (Catering Operations)

Barbara has just celebrated her 70th Birthday and there is no stopping her. She continues to be a very valued, positive member of the team, extremely flexible in her work approach and there is nothing she will not do for her customers. She continually comes into work early to make sure the coffee shop is set up ready for service and stopping over when needed. She is an inspiration to younger members of the team.

Diana O’Toole (Student Accommodation)

Diana celebrated 10 years in post this year and approaches her role with an incredible amount of passion and enthusiasm. Diana constantly looks for ways to improve the service to continue to meet student needs and expectations, and delivers customer service to an excellent standard. Diana provides excellent customer care in her interactions with both external customers and colleagues within the University, and demonstrates the Red Carpet values to a high standard in her work. Diana takes a customer-centred approach to not only identify how to help customers with their query, butalso how she may be able to go over and above to provide a higher level of customer care and service than the customer asks for. Diana uses her extensive knowledge to advise and share information with colleagues not only relating to her day to day work but also relating to wider services and teams within HAS, to help provide a well-rounded service to internal and external customers. Diana is a fantastic role model for others and directly impacts the experience of thousands of students through her work. After 10 years she remains highly committed to business excellence and is a brilliant asset to HAS.

Lucy Woods (Conferences and Events)

Lucy has continued to provide our customers with an excellent level of customer service. Lucy often stays on out of hours to ensure that customer requests are met. Over the past 6 months, Lucy has continued to do her day to day role, whilst learning to use the new Guestline system, to get herself ready for the change to the new hotel. Lucy has picked up on the functionality of the system with ease, and has continued to ensure that customers’ needs are being met during this challenging time, handling over booking situations and complaints to a high standard. The office will be a very different environment without Lucy when she moves to the hotel and the team are going to miss her cheery disposition on a daily basis, no matter how heavy a workload she has to deal with.

Customer Excellence

Luke Bourne (Catering Operations)

I am nominating Luke for this award due to his hard work and dedication to the Library Café, he has been award the Employee of the term this spring due to his hard work at the Coffee shop, he has a condition that makes Luke struggle to get around and bend but he never lets this stop him from putting in 100% every day. He is always happy to help with anything that is asked of him, always giving service with a smile every day. When on shift he will be on first name basis with regular customers and staff having their drinks ready for them so that the service is always quick and to a very high standard. Luke has become a great barista passing his last 2 coffee audits with 98% showing his expertise in making drinks at the Library Café to the highest of standards so that the customer has an amazing experience every time. Luke has been with the university since June 2016 and he has always been a very happy and bubbly part of the team, happy to work in multiple areas over campus helping out with sickness cover or holidays, making it easier for other managers.

Janine Keeping (Sport and Fitness)

Come rain or shine, 6am or 6pm, Janine delivers outstanding service to her customers. She constantly has a smile on her face, greeting ALL customers who enter the gym with her contagious enthusiasm. Nothing is too much for her and she often walks around the gym floor speaking to all members, making them feel welcome and, most of all, motivated. Whilst some would say that this was an expectation, it takes time, commitment and inner drive to be as passionate as her. Her ability to make customer service memorable enough to receive frequent feedback is a testament to her dedication. Janine is also hugely respected by other members of staff for the outstanding service she constantly provides to members. Her knowledge, experience and expertise of fitness is witnessed by all and you would have to go a long way to find someone as dedicated, professional and passionate as Janine Keeping.

Michael Lennon (Sport and Fitness)

Michael has made an outstanding, unprecedented contribution to enhance our customer experience. He works tirelessly, always diligently, delivering in accurate detail under immense pressure/deadlines. He has a thirst for knowledge and has made it his job to understand the necessary detail to drive through continuous improvements behind our customer journey. He takes the initiative and delivers solutions evidenced by a phenomenal 89% customer recommend score. In the last year, the volume of work passing through his department has quadrupled yet Michael continues to exceed expectations with required agility to accommodate the fast moving demands of our members. Through his implementation of a comprehensive feedback process and the introduction of stringent retention strategies we have delivered a retention rate of 98.5%. He takes ownership and initiative whilst managing his team with integrity. He works collaborative across the whole team with empathy and respect, building trust amongst colleagues and customers alike. He has cancelled holiday, come in when he should have been in bed and refuses to go home until work is completed to his own immaculate standards. Customer excellence is truly at the heart of everything he does, a phenomenal employee.

Sarah Shaw (Car Parking)

Sarah joined the University in May 2017 as a Traffic Officer and has made a positive impact on the team in a short time. She has exceptional customer service skills which has been evidenced by numerous verbal compliments and e-mail messages received both by myself and other colleagues about her helpfulness and positive attitude. She is polite, approachable, always has a smile and you can tell that she enjoys her job. She will even dress up for the occasion, greeting drivers at the barriers in a Christmas hat to bring a bit of cheer; or will swipe a driver's card for them in the rain so that they don't have to lean out of their car and get wet! She is always helpful to visitors and will go out of her way to find them a space when they are having difficulty. Sarah has made many contacts across campus both with internal and external colleagues. She applies her knowledge of parking regulations robustly but fairly and always with a customer focus. It has been a stressful 6 months for the car parking team due to the campus redevelopment.

Bramall Music Building Technical Team (Conferences and Events)

The Bramall Technical team are a great example of team work, they are customer excellence to the fullest. Working with the team through various events, they have shown and continue to show an amazing working attitude, no request is too much, they are always happy to help.  Any questions that we may have they are always on hand at the end of a call or email, offering suggestions, alternative ideas, preparing quotes, attending site visits etc. Leading on from this, it is these characteristics that the team holds that fills you with confidence as an individual, to meet with prospective new clients that wish to host their events within the University and advise them effectively, with confidence to secure the business. What's great about the team is that they are realistic and will always advise what is best.  A testament to the teams’ excellence is the numerous clients who have hosted events with us, who have expressed the level of professionalism and ease at which their events have proceeded.  We are very lucky to have such colleagues to work together with.

Caterpillar Room and Management Team (Oaks Day Nursery)

We have only been using The Oaks Day Nursery for 7 months, but the experience has been first class - I really mean that! The management team are always there if you have any queries or concerns about anything, literally anything, they'll go out of their way to find you an answer. And no matter who is in the office, you always get a smile and a friendly greeting when you arrive, and a little chat and a 'have a good night' or 'see you in the morning' when you leave, much more than the standard 'hello' and 'goodbye' that you'd expect. The Caterpillar room staff are incredible- all of them, all in their own way. You hand over your child with complete confidence that they’re going to have a great day, even if there are tears when you say goodbye. Within minutes they’re being shown farm animals or books, or led into the garden or being sung to. These wonderful people make it possible for childcare to be guilt-free. The ladies (& sometimes gents) have endless enthusiasm and show exemplary care for the children. My money is well invested here in the staff and in my child. Excellence personified!

HAS Marketing Team (Sales and Marketing)

The HAS marketing team have been a tremendous support to our opening (Brook's Sports Bar & Kitchen) - going the extra mile at every opportunity to deliver great customer service, support, ideas and finished product. The marketing team always make themselves available - even when their workload is high - they are always there to offer their help, guidance and expertise. From menus to flyers, to our opening marketing strategy to our ongoing one - they provide invaluable assistance and support to our operations. Not only do they provide a great finished product, the service they provide along the away is second to none. Any query or issue is always answered, and they are readily available to offer their help and guidance - always going the extra-mile. Their positivity and can-do attitude is extremely refreshing and characterises every single member of their team. I cannot stress how brilliant they have been and they deserve all the credit they receive - and more.

Portering Team (PPT)

The Portering Team provide a large range of services across campus from delivering a box of exam scripts to setting up main exams, open days and large events within the Great Hall. All job requests are treated with exactly the same high standards and enthusiasm. They are faced with countless responsibilities when making sure events in the Great Hall are done to the precise desires of the external customers, taking away any reservations or concerns they may have, making the event memorable. This puts into effect the opportunity for the organisers returning for future events. The Portering team consists of 6 members who face challenges daily head on, showing flexibility and empathy to their clients. No job is too big or too small. They always show a positive attitude using their knowledge to help customers out of difficult situations as well as guiding them with advice when moving large offices and personnel across and around campus. Most of their work goes unnoticed, especially when changing around one event to another in a short space off time. It is a seamless transaction due to the very high standard set by the porters themselves. Just last year alone the porters were.

School of Education Catering Team (Catering Operations)

The School of Education Catering Facility was refurbished last summer from a one man band coffee shop to a larger catering facility which now serves hot breakfasts and lunches. The two staff who now work in the facility are both new staff to the University as from last September and have turned this catering facility around, doubling the takings. They both work extremely hard together as a team, sharing the shifts and duties alike. They are very conscientious, friendly to everyone who comes into contact with them and love working at the University. Between them they have got to know their customers likes and dislikes and have changed food items to suit. They are both very adaptable working in other areas at a minute's notice, training on the job or just being of service to not only their customers but also their colleagues. They have both become known and liked by the rest of the Catering Operations team and have a good rapport with the staff and students within the School of Education. They have made a name for themselves in a very good way!

Winterbourne Visitor Services Team (Winterbourne)

The Visitor Services Team - by which I mean the Visitor Services Manager, Anna Fawcett, and all three Visitor Services staff who carry out front-of-house duties at Winterbourne (Eleanor, Laura and Sara) - are consistently helpful, welcoming and knowledgeable about Winterbourne. They have made it possible for us to continue to grow our visitor numbers annually. Even in the depths of the snow when the site had to close, one member of the team walked miles to get here in order to call visitors booked onto courses which could not run. On other occasions the team stay late to facilitate events or to carry out big changes to the shop or elsewhere on the site. Without their commitment and flexibility, we could not offer the variety of activities that we do, nor give visitors the excellent customer service that they receive.

Excellent Student Service

Club Development Team (Sport and Fitness)

The Club Development team has put student experience and student leadership at the heart of their work, with the culmination of this being the annual committee training for over 500 student volunteers who run our 55 sports clubs on campus. In June last year, over our two-day Club Conference we coordinated the delivery of 25 sessions by 32 presenters covering topics as diverse at mental health, social responsibilities, performance models, and workforce management.  New methods of delivery included expert panels, practical sessions and speed dating to improve inter-club networking and sharing of best practice. Together with the creation of a committee Canvas course that now has over 150 pages of information, policies and how-to guides our committee members have never been better supported in ways that work for them and that allows access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week rather than waiting for a reply to an email or for office hours to begin. Alongside this we have run CV workshops to ensure that committee members are able to articulate how sport and their roles have helped grow their skill base, supporting their employability and graduate prospects consolidating a year-long focus on our student volunteers.

Raymond Priestley Centre Team (Sport and Fitness)

The Centre produces outstanding learning experiences for students. Teaching is imaginative and differentiated to ensure learning is bespoke for individual students. ‘The attention to detail exhibited by all the RPC staff created an optimal learning environment. It was impressive to observe the methods used to generate learning, particularly when activity staff placed students in scenario-based situations to test decision making. The amenable nature of everyone, the excellent service and quality of food made for an incredible experience. I have been on numerous outdoor residential trips and the RPC has surpassed my expectations.’ Craig Haslingden Sheffield Hallam University Lecturer Birmingham University Royal Navy Unit 2018 ‘A huge thank you for such a fantastic weekend. The activities were very well pitched at the group’s ability, taking most of the students outside their comfort zone at times, while remaining fun and enjoyable.’ Lt C P Carnie RN SPECS Student N.S.S. 2017 ‘Going to the Lake District helps settle you into uni life and develops lots of friendships, which have lasted me the entire course.’ Accounting & Finance Student N.S.S. 2017 ‘Coniston was a great start to the course. Helped me make friends with people on the course and developed teamwork and communication skills.'

Student Accommodation and Community (Living) Team (Student Accommodation)

The team have undergone significant change within the last year and have delivered an excellent service to students in one of the most challenging years to date. With an increase in student numbers this year, more Partner accommodation than ever before, being short staffed and having a new manager and no Director in post, the team have risen to the challenge and successfully delivered the Living accommodation service to more students than ever before. They shared additional work between them to ensure full coverage for the whole period and faced the challenge with a positive attitude and determination to succeed despite the challenges they faced. The team worked together fantastically when faced with this challenge and ensured that the late increase in demand for accommodation was met, and more students than we have ever had apply for accommodation before were successfully housed. The successful delivery of this service was down to their willingness to go the extra mile for our student customers and their fantastic teamwork, which helped them to deliver a high level of customer service in a challenging environment.

WokFresh Team (Catering Operations)

With some 5,000 plus oriental students on campus and since opening its doors December 2017, Wok Fresh gives them a little reminder of home. Led by Naveed Naqvi and Gary Howen the team in Wok Fresh have delivered an authentic offer that is committed to high standards equalling any oriental offer on the high street. Always happy, willing and giving great service with a smile, they deliver an excellent student experience. But not being complacent, the team are already looking at ways to improve the current offer. Using some innovative new dishes and promotional ideas, they will deliver a new menu in September ready for the next generation of student. 

Worklink Team (Worklink)

I am nominating the Worklink team for Excellent Student Service because they both keep morale high and ensure excellent customer service during busy and pressured periods. During the last year the team have increased their commitment to the student experience at UoB dramatically. As well as running weekly Cover Letter workshops, the team also launched Mock Interview workshops and have had a full monthly attendance from students keen to improve their interview skills. The team have also embedded monthly payments for students, and have worked hard to ensure that there is little disruption in the payment changes and put in new processes to ensure that students are paid on time. Though this requires more of the teams time, they have worked hard to put the students first. Understanding that MDS students are far from the Worklink office on campus and that MDS students have full schedules, the team have launched the 'Worklink Surgery', in which they move to locate themselves at MDS for an afternoon each month, so that MDS students can access them with ease. This initiative is also being launched in two different locations in LES next week, to ensure that students can access Worklink when needed.

HAS Professional of the Year

Kieron Carroll (Sport and Fitness)

Kieron not only embodies all the Red Carpet and UBSport values, but is a true ambassador for HAS across UoB. He is overwhelmingly dedicated, considerate and hardworking, with a keen eye for quality and always goes above and beyond for customers and colleagues alike. He coordinated UBSport's very first Junior Camp in Easter 2018, receiving 10/10 feedback from parents across the board for the programme, coaches and overall organisation. Apart from his background as a fantastic swimming teacher, this was Kieron's first experience managing multiple team leaders and such a large, intense operation. Kieron conducts his day to day tasks with enthusiasm, intelligence and commitment. He always sees ways to improve existing Participation activities, engage more people and improve the lives of others across the University. He provides opportunities for staff to increase their skillset by coaching, and has increased casual student Sport participation by over 400 people in the last year alone. Kieron's utmost integrity and underlying respect for all those he interacts with makes me not only grateful to have him as a colleague, but convinced there is no better candidate for HAS Professional of the Year.

Aaron Croston (Conferences and Events)

In the past 12 months I have relied on Aaron, a colleague from a different HAS department to help deliver several events successfully. Aaron is extremely professional, very hard working, approachable, helpful, and despite the very different knowledge levels never ever patronising!! As the event manager for sport it’s my responsibility to deliver an excellent experience to a range of stakeholders at events ranging from student led, to national and international level events. I always turn to and trust Aaron to provide and assist with any AV and tech requirements, and after using several other providers in the past I would not go to anyone other than Aaron. He has offered help and advice, shared contacts, worked alongside our students passing on his skills, listened, taken the time to understand our business needs, and provided the level of service required for international events such as the British Junior Open and even the official opening by HRH The Princess Royal. He really has gone above and beyond to help us and create a fantastic working relationship and collaboration between HAS departments. He is Mr reliable.

Monica Guise (PPT)

Monica embodies everything that HAS stands for. She is a champion of excellence and thoroughly committed to her role, her staff and the University's wider ambitions. Her passion and drive empowers others and she is the ideal role model for staff across University departments. Her ability to fulfil her role exceptionally, whilst simultaneously being approachable, inspirational and above all caring is unrivalled. On a personal level, I have never worked directly for Monica, yet she has mentored me unofficially throughout my University career and has always given me honest, helpful and genuine advice. She has dedicated time to mock interviews and interview prep, she has proof read assignments and offered feedback and most importantly has been a point of contact to direct professional and pastoral questions to. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Monica for this award.

Richa Gupta (Sales and Marketing)

Richa is undeniably one of the most knowledgeable and professional colleagues I have the pleasure to work with. As the first point of contact Richa will deal with all clients who wish to host their conferences at the University. She will lead a site visit, solely on her own, with a committee of senior directors, huge companies and brands, showing them the University Campus and all the possibilities and options to secure the business with us. This is a huge responsibility and Richa does this with such ease and professionalism. Testament to Richa is the year on year, number of events, she secures and places at the University and generates revenue.  It is qualities such as above that I have such admiration and respect for Richa. As a professional Richa is a great example, she has a great work ethic and working relationship with everyone she meets, no request is too much, she will always help anyone in need, she goes above and beyond her duties and helps the wider team even when this adds onto her own work load. She is kind and thoughtful and thinks how situations will impact individuals, or how she can make things easier.

April Shacklock (Sport and Fitness)

Excelling at own role –April is the ultimate professional, no matter how difficult or time consuming she always delivers to an impeccable standard. Everyone can rely on April to deliver and deliver well. She has taken the marketing department to a whole new level in terms of quantity and quality of work. Her attention to detail and desire to be the best shines through. High standards – for World University squash (outside of her day job) April had to produce a marketing and communication plan, PR and media plan. The quality of her work was recognised as outstanding by not only the awarding body but across the LOC. These standards are reflected in everything she does. Building strong relationships – April has built strong respect across HAS and UOB in addition to an ever growing number of external relationships in the last 12 months. She is pivotal in the part she plays internally and externally. Taking responsibility for own development – able to identify where she can learn, wants to learn, but also wants to teach. Always willing to not only develop herself but makes sure her team doesn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Kirsty Wade (Student Accommodation)

Kirsty is the kind of professional who always goes above and beyond in order to achieve exceptional results within her team, and for the business as a whole. She is passionate about the student experience, and has a plethora of gifts which come together to create excellent leadership, dynamism and production of results. From interpersonal skills, to business acumen, to resilience and the ways in which she engenders trust and commitment from her team, Kirsty epitomises the kind of professional leadership which makes HAS flourish as a department. Kirsty's managerial style and skills enable those who work with and for her to excel, develop skills, and perform at a level which enhances the business as a whole. I wholeheartedly endorse her nomination for HAS Professional of the year.

HAS Supporter of the Year

Electrician’s Team (Estates)

I would like to nominate Kevin Mangan and his team of electricians for the continued support with the Outdoor Events and the Farmers Market that I run. They offer invaluable advice and assistance with power supply and will always go over and above what is expected. The recent reason for this nomination was that one of the market traders turned up on the Saturday PG Open Day without his generator and the team in on that day, Dave and his colleague, stopped what they were doing and came to assist and sorted the power supply. This was followed up with an email from the trader who offered his appreciation and thanks. I know that I can always rely on this team and think that they deserve the recognition for their services.

Finance Cash Office Team

Lyn and Paul in the Cashiers office work for many different departments within HAS, largely for catering, car parking, sport, hotel and other areas. They arrange all the cash for areas ensuring smooth processes and procedures are undertaken. We have sufficient cash for the tills in the catering facilities and all money is banked and balanced. If we have a large event eg open day or community open days etc they work weekends and evenings to ensure we can secure cash correctly and have sufficient change to continue to operate. A small department but always deliver and very important to everyone within HAS.

IT Systems EPOS Team

The IT Systems EPOS team provide unrivalled support day in, day out - with no request ever being too big or too small. The service and support they provide is second to none and I personally couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this award. Mandeep and Bal always go above and beyond with every query or issue thrown at them. Whether it be from ensuring EPOS systems are set-up, resolving EPOS issues which halt service, or coming up with innovative solutions to improve service delivery - they are always at the end of the phone, solving issues and problems in a timely and efficient manner - whilst delivering great customer service. Both Mandeep and Bal will always make themselves available where possible, even solving issues and problems whilst not at work or over the Christmas break (thanks Mandeep!). Their support goes well above expectation and are an integral support to HAS and its operations.

Most Inspirational Leader

Kevin Anthony (Catering Operations)

I am nominating Kevin for this award as he has been instrumental in developing, growing and mentoring new and existing staff in his area. Kevin is a quiet respectful manager who listens to his team, takes note of their point of view and then guides and coaches with a gentle but firm hand in order to grow confidence and inspire greatness in the team. There are key examples of new staff who have seen this inspirational approach albeit quiet that have helped settle and develop people into their roles. He teaches that is OK to make mistakes and doesn’t focus on the mistakes but on what is learned as result. He helps prioritise work load effectively to ensure that the team feel success at the end of their shift. The area is constantly busy and his cool approach and gentle manner demonstrate that inspiring greatness can come from listening, understanding, being focused and clear on the tasks at hand and the team respond to this with him it doesn’t always need a loud voice to inspire but help and assistance where needed is essential.

Sally Badham-Lee (Conferences and Events)

Over the last 12 months, Sally has supported me through many new and different challenges within my career. From supporting me and developing my confidence to pursue a Degree Apprenticeship to developing my managerial experience by allowing me to become a line manager to one of her staff to support my Degree. Sally is always on hand to assist with any issues or queries and always has time for her team. Her style of management is one that I admire and look to learn from as I progress within the University and my career. Sally will happily present me with new challenges to take on and achieve results. Her level of support to the Conference and Events office is fundamental to the £3.5million revenue generated within the last 12 months.

Rosie Birch (Worklink)

I am nominating Rosie Birch for Most inspirational leader as she has been an inspiring and supportive leader for the last four and half years of my working with her. Throughout my time as student staff at Worklink she supported me endlessly, being flexible with hours so that I could complete my studies, coming to my extra-curricular events, nominating me for the Student Employee of the Year Award and during work time, ensuring that I was both stretched and comfortable within my role. Rosie brings a cheerful atmosphere to the office and I am proud to be a part of her team. She ensures that all staff have the opportunity to excel, and goes out of her way to keep up morale during busy periods. Her encouragement is appreciated by all, and she faces challenges head on with a smile, driving Worklink forward daily. Rosie excels at customer service and leads the team with positive and enthusiastic professionalism.

Carolyn Cutbill (Sport and Fitness)

Carolyn has done exceptionally well in launching our brand new Sports facility, managing a brand new space and creating new teams to run the truly world class facilities we now have. Through challenges and difficulties she has been the rock that the team can turn to and the glue that has kept us all together. Empowering heads of departments to run things as efficiently as possible. From the delays in opening and the logistical difficulties of having a team spread across two buildings, and implementing and managing new processes and team structures from scratch. Her infectious enthusiasm and helpful guidance has created an open and honest team culture. One that the University can be proud of. She has inspired the team to collectively achieve wonderful things over this year from our events department, to our operations team running the building smoothly, to exceeding sales and memberships targets. The pride in which she takes in facilitating others to give their best drives success and raises standards.

Anna Fawcett (Winterbourne)

Anna is the Visitor Service Manager at Winterbourne and during her time here has managed to create an environment in which we can all really thrive. Her energy and commitment make her an exemplar for hard work – Anna is always enthusiastic and her energy is often contagious which makes for a great working environment. She always ensures that her team provide the best possible service to staff and visitors alike and is not afraid to get stuck in and help wherever it is needed. Anna’s leadership style is one of my favourite things about working with her as it is based on flexibility, trust, teamwork and humour. No matter how busy things may get, she’ll always take time to support anyone who needs help and she’ll do it with a smile. She gives us the space and encouragement to follow through with our own ideas and allows us to work in a creative yet thorough manner. Not only is Anna great support to her direct team, she is an integral part of the wider team and Winterbourne and the University benefit from her being here every day.

Liam Grogan (Hospitality Operations)

I am nominating Liam for most inspirational leader as the last twelve months have really shown what it takes to lead and inspire a team to success, he took on the Bournbrook pavilion and two staff teams who were new to the University and catering and he needed to bring them together which demonstrated his clear leadership and focus when things went against him. As the project got delayed he needed to maintain the staff he had, redeploy them to other areas whilst engaging with them on a regular basis and keeping them up to date on progress, this was no mean feat as the project delays continued and inspiring the team became the biggest job so that when he finally got the site it was all hands on deck to get it ready in quick time.  Without his friendly engaging and team orientated approach and getting everyone involved in all tasks the project would not have been successful. He is further spending time cross training his team so they are multi skilled and this is made possible in their belief in him as a result of his genuine interest in every team member.

Sarah Wood (Cleaning Services)

Sarah has been our manager for just a year now and what a difference a year has made; she has improved staff morale which was at an all time low, you know you can go and speak to her in private and it will not go any further,  she has pulled cleaning services into 21st century. We are not the underdog in Sarah's eyes but a team with lots of experience and knowledge and using that to her advantage she will help and mentor staff and give them a helping hand. We have a manger that will stick up for her staff if they are in the right and will get things organised such as the summer clean which is a very big job; and she did brilliant last year considering her first one at Birmingham. She does not stand any nonsense, expects staff to do their job and that's what she gets from staff now.

Newcomer of the Year

Alicia Burton (Student Accommodation)

In the 11 months that Alicia has been in post, she has made a hugely positive impact upon the service and the experience of our residents. An example of when Alicia went above and beyond was when a persistent boiler breakdown reoccurred and was reported to reception. Alicia took it upon herself to ensure that the issue was escalated to the necessary managers, visited the residents in person, all of whom are international students, to explain what was happening; providing timescales and alternative accommodation. I believe this demonstrates her proactive approach, outstanding communication skills and her commitment to deliver excellent customer service. Another occasion when Alicia has exceeded expectations set out in her role was in preparation for Accommodation Open Day. She took on duties which would normally fall to that of a Team Leader; recruiting flats, liaising with Worklink, supervising ambassadors and being their main point of contact on the day. This was done with professionalism and enthusiasm. She is also a great team player; she’s been extremely flexible in changing her working pattern to meet the needs of the service over the past few months, due to challenging period staffing wise.

Harriet Cockill (Sport and Fitness)

Harriet joined UBSport in July 2017 and before the end of her first month she had led on the PR campaign for the Jamaican Track & Field Camp which included organising an extremely successful welcome event in the Lapworth Museum, a press conference, photoshoots and media coverage. Harriet has continued to excel UBSport’s media coverage from the facilities, to scholars and volunteers – even including other HAS departments such as coordinating a magazine interview for the Groundsman who looks after the sports pitches! She is also proactive in collaborating with colleagues in the Press Office in order to add further value to her press releases such as relevant research or quotes from academics. Her passion for promoting the positive messages around student sport and the expertise of staff is uplifting. Harriet has also taken ownership of tasks outside of her remit with enthusiasm, including the organisation of the West Midlands Sports Awards which was a huge success and strengthened the University’s relationship with the BBC and sport partners across the region. Harriet’s genuinely positive and friendly nature has cemented her reputation as a trusted and highly valued colleague across the University.

Jenny Dalzell (Security Services)

Since joining the team in 2017 Jenny has made an immediate impact in supporting the needs of our students in collaboration with the Guild of Students and West Midlands Police who have both praised Jenny's proactive approach to delivering innovative solutions and well planned crime reductions campaigns on campus, in residences and further afield in the Selly Oak community. Jenny has built a solid network of partners and stakeholders who she is working with to deliver first class programming and often consults with students outside of regular hours to learn more about their developing needs to ensure Security Services continues to deliver on our commitment to students' safety and their wellbeing.

Susie Day (Sales and Marketing)

Susie started in the HAS marketing team in August 2017. Since then she has made a tremendous positive impact, on the work produced by the marketing team. Susie approaches projects with enthusiasm and delivers results time after time. She writes copy that is both engaging and inspiring, and works incredibly hard - going above and beyond what is expected of her- researching topics, talking to customers to learn more about a subject area, listening to colleagues about their requirements and translating a brief in to effective marketing materials. She is a great team player - I cannot remember what life was like before she arrived! She takes the stress away from projects and makes life easier for all of us. She also makes work fun and enjoyable - inspiring and motivating others around her.

Rebecca Jones (Oaks Day Nursery)

Rebecca has been with the organisation for only 7 months and yet she has become a proactive, motivated and reliable member of the Butterfly team. Since joining the team she has shown great dedication to ensure that there is smooth daily running of the room. This includes ensuring that all the children’s care and learning needs are met and that daily tasks are carried to a high standard. In the absence of colleagues, she will always make sure she completes their work duties as well as their own. Rebecca also shows excellent results delivery and will tackle any task immediately and get the job done to high specification. More recently she has contributed to the nursery through writing an outstanding passage as part of a competition and was acknowledged for efforts by the management team for her contributions. Furthermore, she has also developed an excellent rapport with our customers; the parents and children. She has done this through taking the time to get to know the families through talking to them at parent consultations and at handover at the end of the day. She is a truly valued member of staff , who is adored and respected by all.

Kurt MacKenzie (Security Services)

Since Kurt started with Security Services just over twelve months ago he has had an incredible impact on his team, with his enthusiasm and commitment to a high standard of customer service. Kurt has embraced his new role and is consistently looking for new ways to broaden his operational knowledge and engage with the community, something which he should be commended for. Kurt is very results driven and will often go that extra mile for any customer he comes into contact with, striving to find a positive outcome for that person and the University. In a very short time Kurt has become someone that even more experienced Officers turn and look to for assistance or guidance, this is due to Kurt's cool and calm demeanour paired with the recognition of his professionalism. Kurt is a fantastic new starter and a real asset to the University.

Victoria May (Cleaning Services)

Victoria joined the cleaning team in March 2017 as a temp and became a permanent member of staff in July 2017, she was thrown in at the deep end working on the summer clean admin but took it all in her stride and kept everything under control ensuring all records were maintained and supplies were available for the staff both on conferencing and deep cleans. Victoria has developed recording systems which have and will benefit the department financially and operationally for years to come. Victoria is well organised and has worked on the cleaning web pages to produce a professional base to the department image. Victoria takes pride in her work and the department and has been a breath of fresh air she has fitted in to the office and the larger work force is well liked and respected by all she is friendly and reliable with nothing being too much trouble and often will go out of her way to help people.

Samantha Oliver (Conferences and Events)

Since Sam joined the team last May, the impact she has made has been great. Sam is full of life and very much wants to learn new skills and increase her knowledge and skills in the events industry. Sam is always happy and brings a sense of calm to the office and will always be there to help when needed. The impact on the events team has been significant and has allowed them more time to concentrate their precious time with the clients and being on hand to offer advice and assistance. The admin process has significantly been streamlined and has helped with ensuring the financial aspects of the system are up to date and aids in producing the final invoice quicker. What a lovely young lady she is and a pleasure to work with!!

Ned Partridge (Sport and Fitness)

Ned has come into the team fresh from completing his MSc in Strength & Conditioning; this is his first full time job and he has relocated from Cardiff leaving family and girlfriend behind (but still together!) to start a band 200 trainee (development) role within the Performance Centre as a strength & conditioning coach. 2 weeks into the role he volunteered to deliver a 3 hour workshop to international standard sport coaches who had travelled from India. He delivered like a seasoned pro! He has continued this attitude during the 7 months he has now been here. He has developed the teams internal systems, i.e. youth athletic development framework, fitness protocols, and proactively made new links with external partners, i.e. England Lacrosse and Birmingham City Ladies FC. Showing maturity, experience and a high level of expertise beyond his years... all for a 22/23 year old. He drives energy into the athletes he trains, enthusiasm with the coaches he works with and trust into the team around him.

Tiago Periera (Hub Catering Operations)

Tiago started at the University in September 2017, and took on a very challenging role; with an unstable workforce, he has turned a very confused restaurant around. With his consistent excellent standards and hard work, he has built a united team both with the front of house and the kitchen team, who used to be very disjointed.  Tiago has turned the restaurant from predicted 10.6k loss to a 3.6k loss (figures so far for this year). He has made an additional 7k in profit from what was predicted, he has reduced labour from 66.5% to 55.3% and Tiago has helped out in other catering units on the Vale when he has been needed . Tiago is always focused on giving excellent customer service, he is positive and reliable and he never comes to work without his smile.

Jo Pilling (Hospitality Operations)

Jo is a wonderful part of the Fresh Thinking team. She has made a massive impact on the team since starting nine months ago. Jo always listens to the client and ensures that events run to plan. Jo is always willing to give positive constructive feedback for my events and finds it very amusing when I ask for "ODD" requests from the client - for example: 700 doughnuts or pizzas en masse. Favourite quote from Jo "Only your events".  Jo has a great personality, even when she is having a bad day she can crack a joke to lighten the moment and never gets annoyed with my constant annoying requests and questions. Jo has also brought some positive ideas to the department with ways of improving the service to give our customers a better experience. For example: Day Delegate service ideas (mugs instead of cups, soup and a roll for lunch instead of cold lunch or hot chocolate for afternoon breaks).

Outstanding Achievement Individual

Jonathan Barton (Sport and Fitness)

Jonathan brought together the key elements of the Raymond Priestley Centre's 70th Anniversary event. This extended from designing invitations, arranging anniversary t-shirts for guests and work wear for staff, arranging for plaques to go on trees that were being planted and making sure the Centre looked its best with hanging baskets outside. The reception and welcome of guests to the Centre was fronted by Jonathan, who expertly made people feel special and valued, as he explained the schedule for the day and how they could get involved in the various activities. He is adept at finding a connection with people and easily introduces guests to one another. This went along way to creating the wonderful atmosphere that pervaded the day and made the occasion so memorable for guests. The positive impression guests went away with regarding the ongoing value the Centre brings to its students was embodied in Jonathan's efforts to make it a fabulous day for everyone. The PR and good will developed from the day was priceless.

Emma Bickerton (Sport and Fitness)

Emma is recent first class graduate from UoB, and in less than a year she has transformed the prospects of UBSport's Swimming Programme, with no prior background in swimming.  With her perfect combination of management experience, customer service and relentless dedication to the 7 day a week service, she has revolutionised not only the Swim Programme's organisation, administration and communication with customers but recruited top class swim teachers and created a mentoring and training programme in conjunction with the Head Swim coach to ensure high quality teaching by all instructors. In less than a year, the number of children and adults on swimming lessons has more than doubled from 400 to over 1000, with lessons taking place across 7 days instead of only 3. Emma has also grown the number of schools affiliated to UoB through swimming to 39, up from only 6 in the Munrow Sports Centre. Parents regularly comment on the professionalism and high level of customer service they receive from the programme, and Emma works outside of normal working hours to ensure the consistency of the service and prevent cancellations.  Emma is also building strong links with Swim England, the RLSS and local swim clubs.

Liam Grogan (Hospitality Operations)

Liam joined HAS 2 years ago on a 1 year fixed term contract at the Conference Park, covering F & B Manager. Straight from University, he was in his final year and still 2 months to complete. Liam, over the last 2 years, has been outstanding; he is an exceptional young man and performs above and beyond. He takes work home with him, answers emails on his days off and gives his all to improve the service and facilities. He has opened the Bournbrook Sports Pavilion and has done an excellent job in employing a great team, setting up the processes and systems within the building and all this under difficult circumstances with the building being late to open and still many snagging issues. Liam works alongside colleagues and always helps and supports in areas they are lacking. He writes reports and completes spreadsheets to a superior level. An overall outstanding contribution to hospitality, opened both areas within the Pavilion to a fantastic standard.

Emily McDonagh (Hospitality Operations)

Emily has done a remarkable job opening up the campus' newest coffee store, Starbucks - Bournbrook Pavilion. Emily has stepped into her new role brilliantly, showing all the qualities of a great manager. Not only has Emily opened up a new store with lots of operational challenges (delayed opening etc), she has showed great leadership with her new team - embedding them into the University and instilling great team spirit. Emily has huge respect from her colleagues and team, and this stems from her hard work ethic, hands-on working approach, her enthusiasm and positivity. These qualities have transformed her into not only a great role model for her team, but fellow colleagues in HAS also. It is not unusual to see Emily sending emails whilst at home on her off days/after work - and that highlights her commitment and dedication to her role. She will always go the extra mile for others, supporting them when needed and being approachable to any query/issue. Emily has done a fantastic job over these last 12 months and deserves credit for her hard work and efforts. She has opened a new outlet under challenging circumstances and welcomed a new team to the University.

Sarah Smith (Sport and Fitness)

Sarah’s contribution to the British Junior Open was the epitome of an outstanding achievement. It was the first international sport event to be held in the new Club, fully testing its capabilities to host over 600 competitors from 30 different nations with live streaming and a transformation of the indoor arena with a glass showcourt. This year’s BJO was recognised as the best ever with the hosts complementing the professionalism and execution of the event which Sarah was at the forefront of delivering. Despite this being an arduous and challenging task, Sarah never shies away from problems and perseveres until she finds a solution. Her dedication was proven when she missed out on the staff Christmas party to finish building the court! Sarah has become a valuable and trusted Events Manager across HAS. Her knowledge, capability and commitment have been recognised by numerous University colleagues and external events organisers. Sarah’s commitment to her role is reflected by her flexibility, whereby she adapts her working week around the demands of the events, whether evenings or weekends. In the case of the British Junior Open Championships, Sarah worked overnight to oversee the dismantling of the glass court ready for start of term.

Outstanding Achievement Team

Bournbrook Opening Team (Student Accommodation)

Nomination for: Lily Badger, Brendan Creaby, Andy Lee, Fay Jenkinson, Ravinder Bindarh, Belinda Williams, Sheila Vale, Brendan Tierney, Khalfan Bhurin. The team were promised a new building would be ready to clean, snag and prepare five weeks before their first guests.  Four and half weeks after that, Bournbrook was handed over, with just four days before students were due to arrive.  The team managed to deliver training, clean the whole building from top to bottom, identify problems, deliver stock, audit and make final checks to 178 bedrooms and 34 kitchens in record time.  All of this took place whilst Jarratt Hall was also being prepared, by the same team.   Under great pressure, the team opened the building on time and with enough forethought to ensure a great welcome was ready for our new students. New buildings are always difficult to manage, but the late nights with mops and brooms paid off, with no complaints and many compliments on arrivals weekend.  A remarkable performance by a superb team.

Brooks Pavilion Team (Hospitality Operations)

Liam (General Manager at Brooks) and Wayne Willis (Head Chef at Brooks) along with their team have had a long journey to get Brooks Pavilion Catering off the ground. The team is consistently extremely professional and on the ball with all their standards (particularly Food Safety ) and provide a great atmosphere to work in and also a great service to their customers. The team have worked hard to achieve these standards and due to the professional and focused nature of the management team at Brooks, I know this will continue.

Cleaning (Chamberlain) Team (Cleaning Services)

On Thursday 8th March Cleaning Services got a call from the Vale staff to ask for assistance with a flood. We organised staff to go up to Chamberlain as quick as possible to discover a flood from the 14th floor down. We got the equipment up and running and sent staff to different parts of the building to start sucking up water which took about 2 hours; no-one complained; everyone just heads down and cleaned up the mess. The following day, the 9th, the same thing happened and again Cleaning Services, the silent army, went to the aid of the Vale sucking up water from each of the floors and getting buckets on reception to catch all the drips coming through the ceiling; again all the staff from cleaning listened to the senior team leader on site and went off to different floors to clean up. When finished a floor they moved down to another to see if help was needed. All staff stayed until job was finished even though this was after the time some staff had finished. The following week we put together a team to clean all the landing carpets and the stairwells.

Participation Team (Sport and Fitness)

Ali, Emma, Kieron and Helen have given everything to the last year delivering phenomenal results through hard work, passion, drive and excellence increasing participation four/fivefold. The number of people attending our group exercise classes have increased from 4000  to 10000, our swim programme has grown from 250 in Munrow to over 1000 juniors and adults. We now have 39 schools who swim with us, 32 of which have joined our programme since May. Campus Leagues has taken over Intra Mural Sport and is thriving with over 1700 individuals and 163 teams engaging in sport across campus. Easter saw the launch of our Junior programme, a complete sell out with every customer feedback card citing a ten out of ten on experience and delivery. This success has been mirrored across our climbing programme which expanded three times due to excessive waiting lists. The team engages across campus working with the UOB Wellbeing, collaborating with UON on inclusivity/disabled events, the Guild (Destresstival), BCC (Birmingham 10k)  and International Relations to deliver a yoga event for over 2000 people to name a few. This works because the team demonstrate Red Carpet behaviours 100% of the time working tirelessly to engage students, community and staff.

Operations Team (Sport and Fitness)

The UB Sport & Fitness Operations team consists of the receptionists, sports assistants, maintenance officer, team leaders and the duty managers. The operations team are the face of UB Sport & Fitness and over the past 12 months they surmounted a number of challenges whilst always maintaining a smile and a can do attitude. In this period they have been on a steep learning curve, adapting to a new building, mastering new processes and working with our customers to find solutions to new questions such as a what is the optimal lane width during a 50m session or educating members on our new locker band system.
Since opening, UB Sport & Fitness has received over 750,000 visits, the operations team have prepared the courts for over 14,000 indoor bookings and they have helped over 30,000 Individual users. Staff now receive more positive feedback than any other feature or service we provide which is testament to the level of work the operations team are doing and their professionalism while doing it. It’s been pleasure watching what they have achieved in the last 12 months and I look forward to seeing where they take the service in the next 12 months.

WokFresh Team (Catering Operations)

After opening Wokfresh in November 2017 the team has worked extremely hard in such a short space of time to get to the high standards they have now. Wokfresh prides itself on demonstrating excellent customer service and producing high quality food. Our staff are knowledgeable, extremely supportive to others and continue to learn and grow on a daily basis. They have continued to be professional and vigilant when dealing with debilitating factors such as exterior scaffolding which has affected our sales and our outside furniture which has had to remain indoors while the external repairs are carried out. Throughout this they are positive, proactive and optimistic that the future can be more fruitful. Overall after working with various teams over several years I can say that there is a solid foundation being set by this team that I am sure can continue and be built on into the near future and beyond.

Red Carpet Star of the Year

Bart Debiec (Conference Park)

Thank you for going above and beyond over the weekend of the 10th December, when we had heavy snow. You took the decision to cover a double shift including a night shift, staying over at the hotel as other members of staff couldn't get to work. You ensured there was streamlined cover at reception and that all the guests were looked after and had food, drinks and a bed for the night. You also checked all other departments to ensure they were ok and helped cover where there were gaps due to staff not being able to get to work. This is a fine example of excellence - well done!

Paul Nicholls (Student Accommodation)

The purpose of this is to tell you how pleased we are with the response that Paul has given to a student that he supported in preventing self-harm. He kept her cool, calm and collected, as he was observant of her behaviour and then he recommended her to the correct services, that supported her through this period and he supported her with her with excellent care and attention and due to Paul's quick response and help, the student is now living and enjoying her time at our University as she did not know how to get the support that she required. Paul has been with us for fourteen years as a Night Co-ordinator and he has shown excellence of customer service and quick response to students, whom have always commented on his help and support. It also shows that Paul has been a great ambassador of customer excellence that is paramount from the Night Team, which we all strive to achieve and Paul has shown a great example of this. 

Nuresh Patel (Security Services)

I wanted to share with you my experience of Nuresh Patel. When leaving my car this morning I could hear one of my tyres rapidly deflating and realised I had sustained a puncture. As I had parked my car on the Guild car park where the spaces are really tight, I pulled it out of the space and parked it against the Guild wall on the double yellow lines (sorry!) to ensure I could gain access to change the tyre. I went to speak to the two TCOs on the East gate to explain the situation and Nuresh immediately said he would put a note on my car to ensure it was not ticketed. As he was walking towards my vehicle, he told me that to save me from any further hassle he would change my tyre for me, and immediately set to work. Whilst changing the wheel he noticed that I did not have the correct wheel spanner in the car, so he was unable to change it. Rather than leave me with a flat tyre, he rode to Maintenance, found the right sized spanner then came back and changed the wheel for me. He did all of this with a smile - thank you so much Nuresh!

Julie Richards (Cleaning Services)

Email: I would just like to voice my thanks to Julie our cleaner, she is an absolute credit to your team and an absolute delight. She brightens my day up with that little 'Good Morning' and when she sings to herself early in the morning when she thinks no-one is in she makes me smile. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and you can tell when Julie is away on holiday. Credit where credit is due that's what I say, and there are so many people that get unrecognised for their hard work and efforts within the University which is very sad.

Brooks Pavilion Team (Hospitality Operations)

The Brook's team have done an amazing job these last few weeks in getting the outlet operational and delivering great food, drink & service to their customers. They have all shown great individual leadership, initiative and had a real 'can do' attitude whilst working closely as a team as they adapt to opening. The team have had various set-backs with the delayed opening and this could have quite easily fostered into negativity and frustration - however the team have kept positive and worked incredibly hard to ensure they exceed customers’ expectations and deliver excellence in everything they do.

Security Team (Security Services)

I would like to submit a thank you note to a number of my staff whose actions in dealing with an incident I feel are worthy of recognition.  On Tue Jan 9, 2017, Team Manager Lake, and Security Officers Turner, Sury and Fletcher responded to a request for assistance regarding a student in distress, who was threatening harm and being restrained by a number of University community members.   On arrival at the scene members of the Security team quickly assumed command and control of the student in distress, while others questioned and supported the initial first responders.  It was quickly learned the student in distress was intending to cause harm and had been in possession of a knife which was quickly recovered by the team.  Due the escalation in the behaviour of the student of concern and to prevent harm to the student and others it was decided to apply physical restraint techniques pending the arrival of the Police.   While waiting for the Police to arrive the Security team continually attempted to calm the student, and reassure and support members of the community who in attendance.  On arrival of the Police, the security team quickly briefed the attending Officers, and handed over the student, before the Security team then turned their attention to the gathering University community members, checking on their welfare and offering advice and information on the availability of professional services on campus to support those who had witnessed this very stressful and highly emotional incident.   Since the incident I have received several messages of thanks from members of the community who witnessed the actions of the security team, one person in particular took the time to write ” I would like to thank the Security Officers who took my phone calls and who attended the scene.  Once they had arrived, the way in which they not only dealt with the destressed student, but also his two friends and me was really impressive, and I personally was grateful for the support they offered.  On two separate occasions, an officer took the time to talk to me, reassure me that everything would be in hand and offered follow-up support services if I needed them.  They also remained calm throughout the incident and this helped everyone else involved stay calm in what was quite a distressing scene”.    The Security team on this night did not just “do their job”, they did an exceptional job, they were exemplary in their leadership and remained calm and compassionate throughout. 

Unsung Hero

Dan Cartwright (Winterbourne)

Dan has recently been made Deputy Head Gardener, prior to that he was a Garden Supervisor. I feel that the promotion only reflects the level of involvement and support that Dan was already offering to Winterbourne. We run Royal Horticultural Society courses and Dan has taken on a great deal of responsibility for ordering the necessary items, for liaising with the tutors about horticultural matters that I, as an administrator, am not knowledgeable enough to do well. The success of the courses is partly down to Dan, who on paper has no involvement at all. As a colleague I notice on a daily basis that Dan is taking care of a great many things and that he has extraordinary enthusiasm and knowledge. I sincerely believe that Winterbourne would be a less successful place without him.

Krishan Dhariwal (Sales and Marketing)

Krishan is an invaluable asset to the Sales and Marketing team. Krishan is normally the first point of call for any enquiries to the Conference and Events team - answering a range of queries and questions - and sometimes fielding customer comments or complaints. She is always positive, cheerful and helpful - treating customers brilliantly and helping them with their needs. Krishan also responds to customers via email, undertakes sales show rounds and writes proposals for the Conferences team - more often than not, converting business to the events team and achieving large amounts of revenue. Without her, the Conferences and Events team would not be as commercially successful - and would have to copy with hundreds of enquiries every week! I feel that Krishan is one of the best unsung heroes within HAS - she may not be on the front line, but without her, the business would not enjoy the successes it does - and the remainder of the team would be flooded with tasks that they could not cope with. On top of this Krishan's attitude and attention to detail is always superb.

Daniela Di Vito (Catering Operations)

I am nominating Daniela due to her dedication and hard work that she puts into her job every day, Daniela is always hard working making sure that the quality of the cakes and baked products that she does for the Coffee shops over the whole of campus are to the highest level looking amazing being very popular to all students staff and the public.  Coming up with great new ideas for new concepts such as Gluten free versions of products and Vegan ranges to go with the growing trends over campus.  She will always be happy to make extra products are very short notice, never saying no and always with a smile. Daniela has achieved an award at TUCO in 2017, with a winning Cupcake & Cheesecake display showing off  the standards that she gives to the quality of the products she makes on a daily basis for the university of Birmingham. I think Daniela deserves this award as she is so passionate about the standards and service she gives with pure dedication to the university and what she does in her job.

Lorraine Donaghey (Car Parking)

Lorraine manages car parking on campus which is perhaps the most emotive subject amongst staff at the moment. She responds to queries and permit applications quickly and efficiently. Perhaps most impressive is her ability to stay calm and professional in the face of daily complaints about car parking that are of no fault of her own. Lorraine has also identified some short term fixes for the car parking 'crisis' on campus but is very unlikely to get any recognition of this from the very people who then call her to complain about not being able to park so I think she needs to be recognised publicly. On a personal level Lorraine has supported me on various administrative tasks that she has handed over to me since coming in to post and is always patient when I forget something or ask her the same question repeatedly!

Kevin Field (Sport and Fitness)

Kevin will constantly do all he can to ensure the building of sport and fitness runs smoothly. He has completely overhauled the way we request maintenance with the introduction of a new, more efficient system (WAM) as well as being a complete fountain of knowledge when it comes to all aspects of maintenance. He will attend site out of hours to fix broken plant rooms and move his hours to unsociable hours so he can see to overnight contractors. He takes ownership of the building and treats it how it would his own - giving the same amount of effort, care and love as he would to his own!! Kevin is also able to deliver pool plant training so he is vital to the upskilling and development of the staff as well as delivering in house site training. As a lifeguard trainer as well he is a valuable sounding board for my role as Training Officer and able to support and assist me with my role. Kevin recently co-ordinated the move of a shelter from the Bournbrook hockey pitches to the athletics track where he needed to work and support others to a tight deadline.

Debra Preston (Sport and Fitness)

Deb is so committed and conscientious that she never draws attention to herself by anything ever being incomplete or late. The epitome of the oil in a well-oiled machine – one small leak and all would grind to a halt; all running smoothly and you don’t notice. She takes increases in the volume and complexity of transactions and interactions caused by the increase in internal customers (staff colleagues) and external suppliers, in her stride; she didn’t miss a beat when we changed to a two-site operation and moved offices. The construction and maintenance of our new facilities produced a significant increase in suppliers and customers – all smoothly absorbed into Deb’s systems.  Colleagues comment in particular on her cheerful, but clear, progress chasing of neglected paperwork and her welcoming patience with new staff. Our Queen of the Codes never tires of explaining the principles of the structure as she guides you to finding the correct allocation against budget. Over twenty years’ service has not dented her eye for detail and ability to propose improvements in processes and purchasing. She always gets back to you with a response to a query within half a day.

Colin Sandford (Hospitality Operations)

Colin is a long standing member of staff, who contributes to the effective running of the Hospitality Catering operation. He is always enthusiastic and goes that extra mile, both doing his own duties and helping others, Colin heads an efficient team of porters whose roles include taking charge of deliveries, stock rotation and keeping up the high standard of kitchen hygiene, the kitchen is always a pleasure to work in. This culminated in The Astor suite winning best hygiene award during the autumn term 2017 Colin has helped out in many crisis situations for example, when the staff house freezer broke down he loaded all the stock on cages and manually transfer to another unit across campus. Colin is always motivated and hardworking even after returning from a heart attack which resulted in a triple heart bypass. He is also a dedicated husband/carer, looking after his wife who has had that many visits to the hospital, Colin has his own car parking space. In all seriousness Colin goes above and beyond in all aspects of his life he is a pleasure to work with and call a friend. These are the reasons why I would like to nominate Colin.

Amrik Singh (Environmental Services)

Amrik's primary role is the inspection and auditing of the works completed by all 372 Cleaning Operatives across 87 buildings. Amrik inspects, and reports back on, the standard of cleaning in each area. These reports identify any areas where Cleaning Operatives are achieving 100% pass rate in their area, but also where improvements are needed to meet the standard required. Amrik's role is very much unseen, however behind the scenes Amrik's work is helping to improve the standards of cleaning across the campus to ensure students, staff and visitors have the best possible experience when visiting the University.

Rob Smith (PPT)

Rob joined the Porters as a permanent member of the team having previously worked across PPT Services. Immediately Rob's exceptional attitude to his role as a porter was infectious, lifting the team and their confidence and ability to get the job done. His commitment to ensure work is completed despite numerous challenges is a clear indication of his character. Rob has quickly become the team member who identifies solutions with his can-do approach and although this may go unnoticed outside of the team Rob is very obviously respected within it. On a particular occasion recently a customer did not book equipment and furniture for a conference and on their arrival when the mistake was apparent, Rob stepped in and saved the day. Rob has a high awareness of customer service coupled with good communication skills which he uses to form working relationships across HAS and beyond. The noticeably change in culture around him is impactful and Rob continues to lift spirits every day.