Callmy Alert is a free security alert app that is available to staff, students and visitors. It allows the University to communicate alerts, advice and updates directly to your phone to help you remain safe. It allows us to send critical information to you during an emergency, as well as keep you updated on local trends and provide crime prevention advice. By using the app we take away the difficulty we had in the past of reaching our community securely and quickly due to relying on traditional methods such as social media and email. 

Callmy Alert QR Code (2)

Callmy Alert is available on Android, Apple iOS and Windows. You find the App by visiting:, searching within your app store, or using the QR code displayed on this page. When you open the app for the first time it will ask you to verify using your phone number. One this is complete, click the red plus sign in the top right of the screen and add the ID: UBSafe (students) or UBSafestaff (staff). Please note that you will not receive messages from the University without following one of these ID's. 



Watch the video below to find out more on Callmy Alert.