Cycle Security

There has been a huge rise in cycling around the UK and many students choose cycling as their preferred method of transport for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately University Campuses can be hotspots for cycle theft, often targeted due to the vast amount of bicycles in one location.

Utilise the following advice to protect your bike both on and off campus:

  • Purchase a quality D Lock – the vast majority of bikes stolen on campus had been secured with cheap, ineffective cable style locks which can easily be cut off.
  • Student can now register and property mark their bikes for FREE on the Police National Database ( and collect a FREE gold secure D-Lock. To sign up to this great scheme look for Lock it, Mark it events at: 
  • Gold standard Police approved locks are available from the Police and Partnership Hub (University Centre- next to Spar) at a heavily discounted rate of £18 for staff.
  • Ensure a D lock is used effectively for optimum security as per the image here (through frame and wheel)
  • how to lock your bike 2
  • Park bicycles in secure, appropriate facilities (not to trees, posts, railings) and in the vicinity of CCTV is possible.  

Watch our UB Safe video below on cycling security and the importance of a good quality lock.

Safer Cycling Tips: 

  • Wear a helmet 
  • Adhere to traffic regulations - traffic lights, road signs, speed limits etc. 
  • Ride in a position where you can see and be seen.
  • Signal clearly at all times.
  • Ensure you have lights on your bike and reflective gear. Unfortunately we do see many cyclists on campus, riding with no lights in the middle of winter. 

Sustrans has lots of useful resources on cycle safety. 

Abandoned bicyles 

  • If you spot a bike on campus that you believe to be abandoned (e.g. it has been there for a long time, flat tyres, rusty, etc.). Please email with a description of the bike, its location and a picture.
  • Bikes that are abandoned are tagged, then removed after a defined period of time and donated to charity.
  • We often have second hand bike sales on campus too so keep an eye out for those to pick up a bargain.
  • More information about cycling on campus including bike hire schemes and parking facilities can be found here