Nights Out

  • Before heading out, ensure you have local taxi numbers saved in your phone or the app downloaded.
  • Never get into a taxi that stops and offers you a lift (it is illegal for a driver to allow you to enter their vehicle without a booking).
  • When entering a taxi check the name to ensure you are getting into the correct car. 
  • Avoid walking in secluded areas on your own at night.
  • Go out in a group and come home in a group where possible.
  • Make sure your friends know where you are going, always tell someone your plans and if they change. 
  • Be wary of how much alcohol you are consuming, and drink water along side alcoholic beverages. 

Watch our UB Safe video on alcohol and how it can affect your University experience. 

Although the University does not condone the misuse of drugs and alcohol, supporting students is paramount and we are committed to enhancing the health, safety and wellbeing of students. It is therefore encouraged that those who may have substance misuse issues seek advice and support from support services. You can find more information here. 

Watch our UB Safe video on substance misuse including information on current laws. 

Don't ruin your University career