Travel Safely

Public Transport

  • Plan your journey and ensure you know where to catch the bus or train, and where to get off. 
  • If you are coming home late, make sure you know the times of the last journey and give yourself plently of time to get to the station or stop. 
  • Have your ticket ready and keep your purse/ wallet and valuables out of sight. 
  • If you feel vulnerable on a bus, sit near the driver. On a train, avoid sitting in an empty carraige. 


  • Only used a licensed black cab (also known as hackney carriage) that is licensed in the area you are in.
  • Only use pre booked private hire – if something does go wrong then the driver and car can be traced.
  • Always ask the private hire company for the call sign or registration number of the car coming to collect you. Make sure you are getting in to the correct car. 
  • Always make sure you have enough money to pay for the journey.
  • Ignore anyone who asks you if you want a taxi (this is illegal). 

Travelling around campus 

Watch this useful UB Safe video about travelling safely around campus and how to avoid accidents. 

International Travel

  • The safety and security of employees and students are of paramount importance.
  • International travel can be identified as a risk to personal safety due to global events, geographical risk factors and cultural peculiarities.
  • You can find the Universities International Travel Security and Safety Guidance here