Charitable collections policy

Policy Governing Charitable Collections on University Property.


The University from time to time receives requests from charitable organisations (or their representatives at the University) seeking permission to hold collections on campus ("collections" may usually be for money, but occasionally for other articles).

This document sets out the University's Policy on holding charitable collections on its property, and outlines the arrangements for its implementation.


The aims of the policy are to:

  • Protect the multi-denominational nature of the University and ensure that no particular charitable organisation is more favoured than another
  • Ensure the amount of collections held each year is kept to reasonable proportions, in view of the special arrangements that may have to be made for them, eg organising the presence of security staff etc.
  • Ensure that charities do not take it for granted that they automatically have permission to collect regularly without seeking such permission on each occasion
  • Set up a clear and simple mechanism for seeking and granting permission
  • Enable applicants to be given a swift answer to their request


In general, the granting of permission rests with the Director of Hospitality & Accommodation Services.

(NB If the collection is to take place within a particular School or Department inside a University building, then the Head of the Budget Centre concerned will need to observe the aims of this policy and ensure that the Manager of Security is informed of the proposed collection. In all other cases the following protocol needs to be followed):

Requests from charitable organisations to hold collections of any sort on University property must be sent direct or forwarded in writing to the Director of Hospitality & Accommodation Services for consideration. This should be normally be at least one month before the proposed collection.

The request must give details of the collection's purpose, its proposed form, date and location, the numbers taking part etc. It should also include examples of any advance publicity, which should adhere to the University's Policy on Advertising and Display.

The Director may consult if necessary with other senior officers, such as the Registrar & Secretary, or with individual Heads of Budget Centres who may be affected by the collection.

The Director will decide whether to grant permission or not and will inform the charitable organisation accordingly, along with any special conditions.

Where permission is granted, the Director will forward details to the Manager of Security and to any Heads of Budget Centres specially affected.

Guild of Students

The Guild of Students has in place its own arrangements for the organisation of charitable collections within the Union Building.

However there are occasions, such as during Carnival Week, when Guild-organised collections are accompanied by activities taking place outside the Union Building and in other areas of the campus. The annual "trolley dash" is one example, and while the organisers of this or other events seek permission from the Director of Hospitality & Accommodation for the event to take place, they should also approach the Director for authority to make a charitable collection at the same time, if this is proposed