Reducing the need to travel

It may not be necessary to travel at all in some circumstances, for example video conferencing could be used as an alternative to travelling to a meeting. Whether it be an internal or external meeting you may be able to attend from the comfort of your own desk. 

Video conferencing can substantially reduce travel, accommodation and subsistence costs as well as savings on staff time.

Business tools

The University uses video conferencing technologies to reduce the need to travel in particular for business travel. Video conferencing allows individuals and groups of people to meet and work together without having to be in the same room.

The hardware required for video conferencing is relatively simple making video conferencing from the desktop a usual and easily available day-to-day business tool.


The Learning Resources and Accommodation Team (LRAT) provide high quality video-conferencing facilities to any campus location equipped with a campus network point. The portable equipment offers very high quality sound and video. Booking should be made at least one week in advance and you should allow an hour of setup time before the video conference plus 30 minutes after the conference.