Walking is an excellent way to keep fit and its free!

The University is committed to promoting the benefits of walking which, as well as cycling, is an environmentally friendly and sustainable mode of travel as it does not generate carbon emissions.

Walking to work

Walking to work is recommended for those living within two miles of the University. Cars consume most fuel and pollute more at the start of their journey when the engine is cold, therefore, walking even for short journeys can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by a disproportionate amount.

Birmingham City Council also provide FREE walking (& cycling) maps of Birmingham. 

Birmingham cycling and walking map II Why not try combining walking with another mode of travel, for example walking to the train station rather than driving. You could also consider walking to our Selly Oak campus which is only a 20-30 minute walk away.

The University benefits from good pedestrian links with the surrounding area and clear internal routes and footpaths to allow people to find their way around the large campus easily and safely.

The canal towpath provides good links to Birmingham City Centre and Selly Oak as well as further afield. 


Walking for health - new University walks

Walking for just 30 minutes a day achieves the Government’s recommended level of daily activity needed to help improve your health.

The University will soon be introducing a range of walks around campus, some of which will be themed, for example around cultural and heritage trails,that can be undertaken during your lunch break. Why not try them with your colleagues and discover just how much fun walking can be.

Local walks

The Ramblers organise regular local walks in your area. These include Birmingham Walking events. The Ramblers also provide information on local walking routes and maps to help you get walking.   

Urban walking route planner

The Birmingham urban walking route planner (Walkit.com) provides you with a route map between any two points as well as circular and themed walks which include your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving. It’s quick, free and healthy!

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