Car parking

Hospitality and Accommodation Services are responsible for car parking including administration of permits, barrier maintenance and security.

Any individual using parking facilities at the University should adhere to the University's Traffic Regulations.

Car Park Management

The University has a car park management system at the Edgbaston site.  Any vehicle which contravenes the University of Birmingham's Traffic Regulations regarding vehicles on campus will be issued with a parking charge.  

The following offences contravene the University’s Traffic Regulations and will incur a charge of £60, which will be reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

  • Parking outside of a marked bay;
  • Parking without displaying a University permit;
  • Parking in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge;
  • Parking on double yellow lines;
  • Parking on double red lines;
  • Parking on the pavement;
  • Parking on grass verges;
  • Parking in loading areas;
  • Double parking;
  • Parking in keep clear/yellow hatched areas; and
  • Parking in any area which causes obstruction or limited access to other users.

Please note that all car parking charges, in all locations, apply between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Fridays.

Contact email:


 Staff Parking

A New Payment Option for Staff Parking in Peripheral Buildings 

The University has introduced a new Fixed Monthly Payment Payment Scheme for staff on the main University payroll who park in peripheral properties and other non-barrier controlled areas of campus. 

The scheme is also available to staff who currently pay for their parking via daily salary deduction and who may prefer the option of a set monthly fee which will still allow access across campus but without the need to purchase tickets in our pay & display car parks.    

Fixed Monthly Payment - Purple Permit Option

The Purple Permit Option is an annual fee method whereby, as far as possible, the payment for parking equates to £1 per day.  This method will be based upon 220 days attendance for full time staff and pro-rata for part-time staff, deducted from salary on a monthly basis. Staff based in non-barriered peripheral buildings or who may be occassionally based in these buildings will be required to sign up to this method and be issued with a new vehicle parking permit that identifies they are part of this scheme.  This payment option is also available to all staff on the main University Payroll and will be of benefit to staff who work both on the main campus and in peripheral areas or who may be required to park in peripheral areas regularly as part of their role.

Signage is being updated in these areas to reflect the changes.

How Does The Scheme Work?

The annual cost of a full time permit is £220.00 this will be charged monthly over 12 fixed monthly payments of £18.33 per calendar month and pro-rata for part time staff (see application form below for breakdown).

Staff will have access to all areas of campus (with exception of ** restricted parking areas accessible to authorised users only) and if parked in a pay & display car park will not have to purchase a ticket, it is in effect an 'access all areas' permit. This will include access through the campus barriers by swiping in and no further charge will be taken.

** Restricted parking areas are:
Chancellor's Court
Hills Car Park
Medical School Forecourt

You will be required to apply for a purple permit if you work in peripheral buildings, i.e those buildings/areas not accessed by swiping into the University barrier system. 

Purple Permit - Application Form

Your New North East Multi Storey Car Park

The University multi-storey car park, located next to 52 Pritchatts Road, opened in February 2014 and is known as the North East Car Park. The Car Park operates using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) meaning that users pay on foot rather than pay and display. Staff who hold a blue or purple permit are able to park here and swipe their ID card to exit and will be charged for parking via salary deduction. Please note staff who choose to pay on foot for their car parking must advise the car parking office so that their vehicle regsitration number can be added to the ANPR system to allow them to park for a £1 fee. Visitors will be required to pay the applicable rate for their stay (see visitor car parking below). 


Access to barriered areas of campus is controlled by using your Staff ID card and is charged at either a flat rate of £1.00 per day or by a fixed monthly fee (see above) in all locations between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. This includes vehicles which have entered before 9.30am and leave after 4.30pm, if they are present during the charging period. Charges do not apply between 4.30pm on one day and 9.30am the next day.

Parking is based on a first come, first served basis, all staff parking on campus should be in possession of a valid parking permit.

Staff can choose to be charged via monthly salary deduction or by applying for a pay and display only parking permit and paying each day in the pay & display car parks. Please note staff who choose the pay & display only option may only use the following pay & display car parks: Pritchatts Road car park, North car park, Grange Rd car park, Edgbaston Park and Park House and can access the NE multi storey once their vehicle has been regsistered on the ANPR system - please advise car parking 

Staff who pay through daily salary deduction must still purchase a £1 pay & display ticket when parking in any of the University's pay and display car parks as these are not linked to the salary deduction system. Tickets should be obtained by pressing the yellow button on the pay and display machines located in the car parks. A £1 pay and display ticket can only be displayed if the vehicle is displaying a University parking permit. Without a permit the visitor charges will apply.

Some dedicated parking provision is made for disabled users. Disabled staff are entitled to free access to the campus; blue badges must be clearly displayed.

Application Forms:

■ Daily Salary Deduction Application form

Amendment form to update your registered details

Agency workers parking permit application form 

 Honorary and Emeritus Parking 


Honorary and Emeritus staff are charged to park in the University's car parks. All staff will need to ensure that they display a valid parking permit when parking in any of the University car parks. 

There will be 3 permit options available:

  • Option 1
    Annual permit £250 (purple permit) - this will permit the holder to park on main campus or any of the University's peripheral car parks for 12 months.
  • Option 2
    6 month permit £125 (purple permit) - this will permit the holder to park on main campus or any of the University's peripheral car parks for 6 months. 

To apply for permit Option 1 or 2 please visit the University's on-line shop. 

  • Option 3
    Pay & Display onlypermit (orange permit) - this will permit the holder to park in the University's pay & display car parks for £1 per day.  Pay & display facillities are available in Pritchatts Rd Car Park and North Car Park.

To apply for permit option 3 please complete the Parking Application Form.

Access for disabled blue badge holders will remain the same whereby the individual can continue to park on main campus free of charge.  Please complete the Staff application form in the 'Staff Parking' section above and attach a copy of your disabled badge.   

 Student Parking

To apply for a Student car parking permit you must meet one of the University's criteria as set out below:

  • Your term time address is over 10 miles away
  • You are registered disabled (please attach a copy of your blue badge with your enquiry)
  • You are a Carer or a Guardian: Students who are the parents or legal guardians of children under 16 years of age who live at the term-time address and/or students who must regularly attend elderly parents, or parents with a disability, as a registered carer at their permanent home address (evidence will be required, please attach any relevant documentation that supports your application with your enquiry).
  • Students with other certified medical reasons (you may be required to make an appointment to see the Student Disability Service who will assess your needs).

If you meet the above criteria and wish to apply for a University student permit please make your application by accessing the Student Enquiry Desk (you will need your User Name and Password to log in).

Choose Create an Enquiry from the menu, you will need to advise your term time address, department of study, vehicle registration number and under which criteria you qualify. Once you have submitted your enquiry you will receive an e-mail advising that it is being processed.  Once a decision has made you will receive further notification.    

Students who are issued with an approved permit are permitted to park in the following 3 car parks:

North Car Park (Pritchatts Road, opposite the School of Metallurgy & Materials) 
Pritchatts Road Car Park (corner of Pritchatts Road and Vincent Drive) 

Please note that both of these car parks are pay and display at £1 per day for permit holders only.

North East Multi Storey

Students who have been granted a parking permit now also have access to the North East Multi Storey.  The NE car park is not a pay & display but a pay on foot car park and operates by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition).  

How to use this car park

The entry barrier raises as you drive towards it, enter and park your car, you should visit the pay machine before you return to your car, when you key in your registration number at the machine the system will **recognise it as a vehicle that has been given a concessionary £1 charge.  
As you drive towards the exit barrier the system will recognise that you have paid the correct fee and the barrier will raise for you to exit.

NB: The ANPR system will only recognise your registered vehicle, if you change your car please advise either or call 0121 414 2623


**Students who have registered for car parking since the beginning of Sept 2014 will have been added to the ANPR database.  If you applied for your permit before this date your details may not have been registered on this system, please check by e-mail to before you choose to park here.

  A valid green student permit is required in all areas

Charges apply Monday to Friday until 4.30pm year round (NB: charges are still applicable during vacations) 

Students who are not granted a parking permit but choose to park in any of the 3 car car parks above must  purchase a pay & display ticket at the full tariff dependent upon your length of stay. Students are
not permitted access to the main campus prior to 4.30pm, if you do park on campus before this time our
enforcement officers may issue a financial penalty ticket.

Blue Disabled Badge holders can park on the main campus, free of charge, please ensure your Blue Badge is
clearly displayed.

For information on parking at the Halls of Residence see the student accommodation parking information page.

Please take a look at our  Public Transport links

 Visitor Parking 

Visitors to campus are requested to park:

  1. Pritchatts Road Car Park (at the junction with Vincent Drive)
  2. North Car Park (access via Pritchatts Rd)

    Grange Road Car Park (Main Campus, please enter campus via the visitor lane at the East Gate, Edgbaston Park Rd

    New North East Car Park - Multi-Storey

    Visitor parking is also available at our new Multi-storey North East Car Park, Pritchatts Road.  The Car Park will operate using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) meaning that users will pay on foot rather than pay and display.  Please visit the payment machine before to return to your car

Current parking charges are as follows:

  • Up to 1 hour £2.00

  • 1 - 3 hours   £3.00

  • 3 - 5 hours   £4.00

  • 5 hours +   £6.00

There is no charge to park at the University of Birmingham after 4.30pm or at the weekend.  Overnight parking is not permitted.

Visitors who require access to the main campus should contact the department they are visiting to request a parking permit which should be hung from the rear view mirror of their vehicle.  Please note that visitor hanger permits are not valid in the new multi-storey car park but can be used elswhere on campus.


Departments requiring a stock of visitor permits can order them via an internal Proactis order
to Car Parking Records.

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