2016 Staff and Student Travel Survey

In May 2016 the University conducted a travel survey which more than 6000 staff and students completed. The travel survey provides invaluable information on how people are travelling to the university, why they travel the way they do and how we can improve travel to the site and make it more sustainable. The university is committed to reducing the number of single occupancy car journeys to the campus and to help both staff and students make a more sustainable travel choice where possible.

The headline results of the survey are shown below.  The report to accompany the survey and the updated Sustainable Travel Action plan can be downloaded via the links below also.

  • Single occupancy car usage amongst staff has increased by 3% from 2013 to 38%
  • There has been a shift away from public transport across both staff and students
  • Walking and cycling levels have increased slightly across both groups
  • Unreliable bus / train services identified as the main reason for this shift away from public transport

15183 - Headline statistics for travel survey infographic – University of Birmingham (ONLINE USE) AW

Since the survey was conducted there have been a number of improvements both internally and externally which should start to help people make a more sustainable choice:

  • Introduction of 20 priority car parking spaces on campus for staff who car share - link to Liftshare
  • Increased staffing levels at University station
  • Additional ticket machine installed in Learning Centre to help reduce queues at University station
  • There is now a wheeling ramp and less steep steps down to the canal towpath at University station making access for walking and cycling easier.  Edgbaston Tunnel will be widened in 2018 to further improve the towpath as a route.
  • Introduction of staff loan bike scheme to help encourage cycle commuting
  • 10 further bikes added to the student hire bike scheme 
  • Plans for segregated cycle track from Birmingham city centre to university along A38 - more info here
  • Introduction of 'Platinum' buses along Bristol Road and new X61 service - more info here
  • More than 100 additional cycle parking spaces planned to be installed across campus in early 2017
  • Introduction of two folding Brompton bikes to act as pool bikes for staff and reduce vehicle usage for short trips

For more information on the travel survey or any of the points above please get in touch with the universities Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator Peter Edwards by emailing sustainabletravel@contacts.bham.ac.uk 

View the 2016 Travel Survey report 

View the 2016 action plan 

View the updated action plan - April 2018