Non-Student Casuals 

Create an online account

Log-in to submit your timecards

Timecard Help Guide

For further information on how to submit timecards, access to the Timecard Help Guide 


How do I create an account online?

Complete your account and profile information at the Worklink website

How can I update my address and personal details?

You can update all of your personal details on your online Worklink account. Please refer to the Updating Personal Details for further guidance.

How can I update my bank details?

You can update your bank details on your online Worklink account

When will I be paid?

Please refer to the Pay Dates document for a breakdown of which weeks are paid in which month and pay dates.

You will be paid monthly, on the penultimate working day of the month. (With the exception of Bank Holidays and University Closed days where payments may be delayed.)

If you have a contract of employment with the University, your casual hours through Worklink will be paid to you along with your monthly salary.