Welcome to Worklink: casual work for students at the University of Birmingham

Worklink is located in the Guild of Students and finds casual work for students on-campus, within the University.

Click here to register on Worklink.

Worklink increases the accessibility and number of casual-work opportunities on campus to students.

Please note: you need to register with us to see our job vacancies - but you only need to visit us in person with your eligibility to work documents before you start your first work placement.

 Benefits for students

Worklink offers a full range of services for students including: 

  • On-line self registration to receive on campus advertisements for casual work
  • On-line application process for on campus work opportunities through the worklink website
  • Selection and recruitment process for on campus work opportunities
  • CV advice
  • Interview techniques
  • Weekly payments for work completed through online timesheets


 Benefits for staff

Worklink offers a full range of services for University staff including:

  • Advertisement of the casual work requirements
  • Registration and eligibility to work in the UK checks
  • Short listing and interviewing if required
  • Paying student workers through on-line time sheets

Worklink matches the right students to on campus casual-work opportunities

Worklink centralises the recruitment and payroll processes for student casual-work on campus delivering an effective and timely recruitment and payment experience.

This delivers to University of Birmingham students:

  • A range of opportunities to fit students experience and skill set
  • Build on students skill set and work experience, driving their employability
  • A greater opportunity to earn whilst studying

For further information or to access the service please register on-line or contact the Worklink team on 0121 414 5000 or email worklink@contacts.bham.ac.uk 

Click here to register on Worklink

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If you are a student then register here with WorkLink 

If you are recruiting then access the Hiring Manager Portal here

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0121 414 5000 worklink@contacts.bham.ac.uk 


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