Worklink: The connection to flexible, on-campus work for University of Birmingham Students

 Benefits for students

Worklink offers a full range of services for students including: 

  • Weekly payments for work completed through online timesheets
  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy to access casual job opportunities
  • Application advice
  • Invaluable work experience
  • The opportunity to work at a redbrick University

How do I sign up?


Step 1: Create an account online at

Step 2: If you are successful in gaining role on campus you MUST complete your registration by visiting the Worklink office in The Guild of Students 24 hours before the start date with the following documents;

  • Original passport and Visa (a driving license is not acceptable). If a UK student, a full birth certificate (A4 size with parents names on) and proof of your National insurance number, is an accepted alternative to a UK passport.
  • National Insurance Number
  • Student ID Card
  • Bank Details (sort code & account number)

Once registered, you will be issued with a Worklink Registration card which you must present to your hiring manager when discussing potential work. You must also inform them of any other hours you may be working acorss campus.

You can visit the Worklink office at The Guild of Students between the opening timese of 10am - 4pm in term time and 12pm - 3pm in non term time.


 Benefits for staff

Worklink offers a full range of services for University staff including:

  • Advertisement of the casual work requirements
  • Eligibility to work compliance checks
  • Monitoring of visa restrictions
  • Short listing and interviewing if required
  • Paying student workers through on-line time sheets

What should I do next?


Do you have a student in mind for casual work on campus?

Before discussing any potential work with students, the student must present to you their valid Worklink Registration card. The card must have a valid expiry date in combination with their student ID card.


All students are restricted to working 15 hours in total per week during term time. If you have any questions regarding working hours please contact the Worklink team for further information on 0121 414 5000 or 


Do you need to recruit students for a casual work opportunity on campus?


Please contact the Worklink team on how to start the recrutiment process on 0121 414 5000 or


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