Work experience placements

Schools/departments within the University of Birmingham may be asked from time to time to provide young people with work experience.

The aim of providing work placements is to:

  • Provide young people with an understanding of the world of work
  • Assist young people in deciding what type of career they might want in the future
  • Improve the personal development of young people
  • Improve the key skills and employability of young people
  • Strengthen links between the University, schools and the local community

Placements are organised directly with Schools/Budget Centres, and not centrally through Human Resources. 

The Guidance on work experience placements (PDF - 34KB) provides information to help those managing the process, including legal requirements and practical aspects of having young people in a work environment.


work-experienceFurther information:

Health and safety guidance on work experience placements

Safeguarding children and young people within the University (PDF - 84KB)

Template work experience letter (Word - 37KB)