Grading - when and how

A post should be graded when it:

  • is new
  • has been vacant for 12 months or more and is to be refilled
  • is an existing post that has changed significantly and has not normally had the grade reviewed within the previous 12 months

In addition, before a post is graded,: the Head of College/Corporate Service (or nominee) should confirm:

  • the College/Corporate Service and School/Budget Centre has an operational need for the role
  •  the School/Budget Centre has funding to pay for the proposed grade
  • any existing role-holder has the capability to undertake the revised role

Either a role-holder or Head of College/Corporate Service or nominee may decide to request a review of the grade of a role, taking account of the relevant job family framework.

Go straight to:

Forms and guidance for requesting a grading

For teaching and/or research roles covered by the generic job descriptions, providing the College Post Approval Group has agreed the tailored job description matches the proposed grade in the academic job family framework a grade proposal rationale form is not normally needed. Contact your Human Resources Advisor for guidance. 

Band 100 to 500 existing post-holder regrading process

For research staff on grades 6 and 7, there is specific guidance on re-grading

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