Regrading for research staff on grades 6 and 7

Researchers on grades 6 and 7 (Research Associate/Research Fellow I) can apply for progression to the next grade at any time by submitting an application to their Head of School. Similarly, the Head of School may initiate a proposal for these role-holders to progress to grade 7 or 8.

There is, additionally, an annual timetable for considering applications for regrading these staff.

Where a researcher is on the top point of grade 7, their position must be reviewed annually to consider their suitability for progression to grade 8.


Re-grading for research staff, from grade 6 to 7 and grade 7 to 8

Timetable for re-grading for research staff

Guides to CV content for promotion applications can be found on the Academic promotions page.

Generic role descriptions

Grade 6 Research Associate

Grade 7 Research Fellow I

Grade 8 Research Fellow II

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