Contacts for advice

Assistant Director HR, Workplace Wellbeing

Les Wright, tel: 45250, fax: 43309 

Melanie Ashfield, Assistant Director's PA, tel: 45817, fax 43309

General email contacts

Health and Safety and Fire Safety:

Occupational Health: 


Safety Services

Cheryl Rogers (Head of Safety Services) tel: 49052, fax: 43309

Dean Cross (Research Safety Consultant) tel: 45252, fax: 43309

Beverley Davies (Research Safety Consultant) tel: 45255, fax: 43309

Eddie Cowan (Health and Safety Consultant) tel: 45253, fax: 43309

Celia Smith (Health and Safety Consultant tel: 45256, fax: 43309

Jasbir Moore (Safety Technician) tel: 45254, fax: 43309

Frances Wakefield (Workplace Wellbeing Assistant) tel: 45251, fax 43309

Tara Mann (Workplace Wellbeing Assistant) tel: 45817, fax 43309

Wellbeing Services

Philippa Hawkins (Head of Wellbeing Services) tel: 43144, fax: 44602

Sophie Gask (Occupational Health Adviser) tel: 42695, fax: 44602

Ruth Wootton (Occupational Health Adviser) tel: 49546, fax: 44602

Bernard Payn (Occupational Health Adviser) tel: 45932, fax: 44602

Jean Harris (Employee Adviser) tel: 58774

Angela Breen (Employee Disability Adviser) tel: 58799

Joy Walker (Workplace Wellbeing Assistant) tel: 44435, fax: 44602

Nick Berry (Workplace Wellbeing Assistant) tel: 45116, fax: 44602



Lucy Austin (Communications Officer) tel: 44947


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