Terms and conditions of employment

The main terms and conditions documents include information regarding:

  • appointment and requirements of the post
  • salary and pensions
  • hours of work and holidays, as appropriate
  • data protection
  • resignation
  • retirement (see also Later working life and retirement)
  • termination/removal from office

Terms and conditions for:

Academic and administrative staff on grades 6-10 (excluding clinical consultants)

At its meeting on 27 June 2012, Council approved revised terms and conditions for Academic Teaching, Research and Analogous, Academic Information Services, and Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff.

Academic Teaching Staff (PDF - 44KB)

Research and Analogous Staff (PDF - 44KB)

Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff (PDF - 44KB)

Academic Information Services Staff (PDF - 44KB)

Clinical Staff not holding honorary consultant contracts (PDF - 32KB)

Clinical consultants

Conditions of employment governing clinical academics holding honorary consultant contracts (PDF - 85KB)

Support staff on bands 100-500

Conditions of employment governing Support Staff (PDF - 46KB)


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