Career pathways


An overview of career pathways for academic and related staff is available in the document below.

Career pathways table for academic and related staff

Academic pathways

Appointments are made to a specific academic career pathway at the time of recruitment.

Transfers to an alternative pathway can be made on the basis of institutional need, assessed by the School/College and approved by the Provost.

The three pathways are:

  • Education
  • Research and Education
  • Enterprise, Engagement and Impact

The process for staff wishing to move onto an alternative contractual pathway outside of the annual academic promotions process is as follows:

  • The member of staff has a discussion with their manager/Head of School/Institute.
  • The Head of School/Institute discusses the proposal with the Head of College.
  • A decision is made based on the specific needs and priorities of the School/College as well as how well the individual member of staff meets the new pathway requirements.

The Head of College requests approval from the Provost.

Professional services staff

 Information on career profiles, events and development opportunities for professional services staff can be found on the Birmingham Professional website.

 Web-based career development information, hints and tips are available and an e-learning Career Development course is available from People and Organisational Development. Booking details can be found on People and Organisational Development website. 

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